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  1. Hi!
    I thought i would feel great like some big weight had been lifted off of me but instead I feel numb. I don't really believe that it is truly over until I take and pass that NCLEXRN. I still feel like a worker bee studying on th CDROMS for NClEX and I got a new job in one of the hospitals where I did clinicals as a student. I am already an LPN but I only have nursing home experience and the hospital is a great big new world for me.
    I am very scared but I feel hopeful and positive. So now I wonder AM I GOING TO FEEL LIKE THIS UNTIL LATE JANUARY WHEN I TAKE THE BOARDS? I hear it does take quite a while to settle into a new job too. Opinions Please?
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  3. by   emily_mom
    Probably. Sitting for boards is the culmination of your schooling. You spent how long in school preparing for this day, and it all comes down to this. Then you hear all the horror stories from people and it makes your stress level rise even more!! There is really nothing you can do besides prepare. If you're that nervous, have you thought of taking a review course? How are you doing on your CD's??

    Take some time to yourself. If you stay this stressed until January, you will explode. A healthy level of anxiety is good...can even make you test better. But, if it's getting in the way of your life and you can't forget about may be a problem.


    I'm sure you'll be just fine. You're going to go in and do the best you can...that's all you can smile!!!! And have a wonderful Christmas!!!!
  4. by   renerian
    I think taking and getting the NCLEX out of the way helps. Give yourself a good 6 months to a year after that to get settled in your job and to go through a reality shock stage.

  5. by   momangel29
    I know it will take time and there is a graduation celebration at the school today.I was thinking all through school one step at a time and now I'm going to step off the curb and assume a new role!