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  1. Just wondered. With all the new jobs started over the last few months does anyone want to share some "new" experiences they didnt have in clinicals. We all had limited clinicals and were "taught" to do procedures in school, how many have been able to do any of those procedures at work yet?
    Any chest tubes assists, liver biopsy assists? Anything out of the ordinary that the instructors said you dont come across very much but you have had the opportunity to do already?

    I got a NG placement the other night. Didnt even gag along with the patient. Got placement with the first try. Probly luck.
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  3. by   TNRN
    Neonatal nursing itself is an all new experience for me. Everything I'm doing seems to be so different from the type of nursing care I learned in school. As for individual experiences, I did get to start an IV in the scalp of a 3 lb neonate and got it on the first try. Probably beginners luck, but I'm proud all the same. I also got to go on transport to a neigboring hospital and bring back a 31 weeker. I am loving my job!
  4. by   Heather333
    I'm in NICU and my first major experience was last week. I actually suprised myself! Had a 24 weeker with an evolving IVH. I caught what was going on when he suddenly dropped his pressures and his Hgb. It freaked me out but now I know what to look for in the future. What I was taught in school and what I am learning are two totally different things...especially with neonates. You just don't get that much experience in school. Try finding a vein on a kid like that. IV starts a pain in the a** sometimes!
  5. by   live4today
    I know I went to school back in the 1980s, but I had boo-koo clinical time since I went through an Associate Degree College program for RNs! By the time I graduated, I had done more things than anyone could possibly imagine for a student. The only thing I had NOT done was actually start an IV on a live patient, but I had observed it done so many times that when I did my first one......I fell in love with STICKING PEOPLE! Now....I LOVE starting people's IVs and giving shots!
  6. by   TNRN
    When I got flashback and realized I had actually got the vein my hand started shaking. Thank goodness for a good "holder". Without her there to hand me the int, tegaderm, and tape I would have surely blown it. The next day I found myself wishing my little grower feeder would need an IV & I was scoping out veins! I'm sick! Ha! Funny thing about it is I hate to be stuck, but am excited about sticking others!
  7. by   NurzofFaith
    I love hearing about everyone's experiences!! I graduated with a class of 44, I have only spoken to a few of my classmates but love hearing about their new jobs!!

    For me..I am working in a cardiovascular ICU, am still interning and will be on my one the third week in Sept.

    Some of the new things I have done are: Extubating patients, I was nervous about this but after 4 patients I am feeling a little more confident. Caring for a patient receiving CVVH..something I never thought I would do..but have, its time consuming! Pulled Swan lines, cardioverted a patient and last week I got a blind stick on a patient with the help of my preceptor!! I couldnt feel a thing but he swore he he directed my aim and I got the about excited, I was told I have bragging rights for at least a month..LOL

    I am loving my job!! Its so exciting to do things I studied about for 4 years

  8. by   lisalpn
    Today was week 2 of my first nursing job(other than a couple of shifts at a nursing home)... I gave 3 IM's today.... I think I did pretty good... I will admit I was a little nervous though... Also I got to start a couple of IVs.
  9. by   zambezi
    I am also a new grad nurse and had the wonderful experience of being able to precept in the unit that i was hired into while i was in school. I work in the CCU-coronary care unit. Our unit gets all of the post open hearts, MIs, etc...Anyway I have had the opportunity to do many fun things, but the other night topped the cake. It was my 6th day as a "real" nurse and not a student--thankfully my preceptor is wonderful...anyway we had this patient that came back from a post open heart--CABGx2, TVR & AVR...looked beautiful for two hours...then all of a sudden he went down the drain, all three chest tubes started to clot off, his SVO2 was in the toilet, blood pressure dropped, the Swan was not really working so we only had the CVP and were usind the PAD for preload...we had to bring out the Level 1 Transfuser (a big machiene that infuses blood really fast), the patient was on a myriad of drips:dopamine, epinepherine, diprivan, fentayl..etc...anwawy, the patient ended up having to go back to surgery, he had tamponaded and had a big clot around his was such a great learning experience, now i have seen some of the signs and symptoms of things i had only read about and have learned how my unit pulls together when trying to save a patient...who made it through that part...sorry that this was so long but it was a big night for me...i was nervous but feel good about what went on...
  10. by   meownsmile
    Well had something this weekend that was done for the first time in my hospital, was my patient, I got to start the treatment and has been my patient all weekend. We started leech therapy on one of my patients with a reattached finger with vascular compromise. So neat.
    Those little squirmy things work wonders. Interesting to watch them latch on and then drop off when they get their fill. Looks like the reattached finger is going to be saved too.
  11. by   TNRN
    Oh, my! LEECHES?! I think I might have passed out!