Need sound advice,pls.

  1. I'm a BSN grad.,a Registered Nurse in the Philippines.I'm still processing my papers so I can take the Florida State Board (NCLEX-RN) exam.Presently I'm working in one of the biggest hosp. here as a Nurse Extern,$10/hour a full time job.My biggest problem is,I cant find time to study anymore for my NCLEX exam.I'm too exhausted working & it seems I'm not learning enough at my hospital experience to help me pass my NCLEX exam.What must I do?Quit my job & concentrate on my self-review?But when Im studying by myself,I got too sleepy,pls. tell me the right thing to do.
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  3. by   Nicunurse_RN
    When you say you are not learning enough at work to help you pass, you are not saying that you have taken them before, are you?

    I'm sure you know most of the info. I'd recommend bying a NCLEX book (Saunders, Kaplan, etc) and doing the practice questions. Most of these books have the practice questions by content. After doing the questions you will have an idea about what areas you need to study. This way if you do poorly on Cardiac, you will study cardiac and not the entire book. I'd recommend doing 1500-3000 questions befor taking NCLEX.

    This is what i did, and i can honestly say that when doing the questions i did not think i was doing so well. Sometimes i made between 65-100%.

    Can you order a NCLEX book from
    I would really recommend Saunders. There is a NCLEX review book and a supplemental book that is ALL practice questions. Both books have CDroms with a ton of questions as well as the questions in the book.

    I hope this was some help. If you have any other questions you can PM me or i'll check to see if you respond.

    Good luck. CR
  4. by   ALBY
    I haven't tried taking NCLEX-RN exam.When I'm studying alone w/ my NCLEX Kaplan book,most of the time I don't pass & I got too sleepy,that's why I decided to work in a hosp.But most of my hosp. work is answering the call light of patient,mostly giving them glass of water,or assisting them in the bedside commode & wiping their butts afterward.Also helping the CNA clean the butt.,turn patient,some of them even weigh 275 lbs.After work,my back ache so much.How will this experience help me pass my NCLEX-RN exam?It is so frustrating...
  5. by   Morguein

    Can you work part time instead of full time? That may give you some time to study. If you tend to get sleepy studying by yourself, it may help to get a study group together; or maybe you can study in shorter increments of time. For example, you could study for one hour and then take a 15 or 30 minute break. Then study for another hour. If you study for about 3 hours a day, that's not too bad. Make sure you try and answer as many questions as possible. Did you get the Kaplan CD also? If you did, I highly recommend you do all the questions on that CD. Those questions are very similar to the questions you'll get on the NCLEX.

  6. by   BBFRN
    Can you go PRN until you take your boards? That's what I'm doing and it's a great help, plus I get more hourly pay. I did have to make a deal with my boss to go full time after I took my boards, though. Does you current boss know that you are planning on leaving? If not, don't tell them and try to work out a similar deal. Good luck on your boards!
  7. by   ALBY
    I already asked my boss if he can lessen my time but he told me I signed as a full time,40 hrs/week,& it will be a lot of paper works if he change now my schedule.I've been working two 7pm-7am,& two 11pm-7am consecutively,so I can have 3 days off/week,but that time is not enough for my studying.I even promise my boss that I'd be more than willing to work full time w/ extra overtime if they need me at work as soon as I become a Registered Nurse.He's not willing to give-in to my conditions & even warned me that he will put me into a Nursing Aide position if I will not pass the NCLEX-RN exam.That's unfair!I'm a BSN grad.,& the agreement that I signed is, I will go back to Nursing Extern III if I will not pass my State Board.Pls. care for a reaction w/ that matter...
  8. by   Morguein
    All I can say is that if you signed a contract stating that you are to go back to being a nurse extern if you failed the NCLEX, then that's what they'll have to give you. I've been told that studying every other day for the NCLEX is enough to pass the exam. So, 3 days out of the week may not be so bad, but you'll be exhausted considering your work schedule. If your job isn't going to give you the time you need in order to study and pass the exam, then it may be in your best interest to quit. You didn't go through 4 years of school to become a nurses aid. What is your priority? If it's to pass the NCLEX, then by all means, do whatever it takes to do so. I wish you all the best. Please let us know how this all turns out.

  9. by   ALBY
    Thank you so much for all your replies.I decided to still take my State Board,then if ever I will fail the first exam,I will totally quit working in the hosp.Florida Board of NURSING allows the second timer to let 3 months pass before retaking the exam,enough time to do self-studying.Hopefully,I will pass it the first time.I'm doing my own time management,I allow myself to have 6 hours of sleep,then the rest of my time will be spend from working in the hosp. & self studying.My husband agreed that he will do all our household chores until I can pass this exam.I'm hoping & praying that everything will workout.Again,thank you so much for all of your insights.GOD BLESS US ALL!