Need reasurrance!

  1. We moved right after I graduated. So I'm in a new state and I don't know anyone and I'm afraid I won't be hired because I'm a new grad. Any encouragement would be great. I'm just starting the job hunting. I've been to one hospital. The Human Resources guy made it sound like I had a job. He even gave me the benefits package to look over and decide on. He said he'd call back in 24 hrs (his words). That was last Tuesday. I left two messages on his voice mail that he never returned. I finally talked to him Friday morning. He thought I had already talked to a nurse manager. He said he'd get in touch with her and call me right back (his words again). I didn't hear from him again on Friday.

    Isn't it unprofessional NOT to return phone calls? I understand this man is busy, but the least he could have done is return my calls. :stone

    So now, I'm thinking I should start hitting all the hospitals in my area and not wait on this one anymore. What do ya'll think?

    Thanks for listening. Ya'll have a good day.
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  3. by   tattooednursie
    That man is very unprofessional! i don't care how busy he is. If that facility is going to get a nurse then he better get his priorities strait!

    Youve waited long enough. Give it a few more days, then go job hunting. Good luck girl! Let me know how things ae going.

  4. by   BadBird
    With the nursing shortage you won't have trouble finding a job. I would ask myself if I wanted to work for such a unprofessional institution, if the HR dept. hasn't called back they must not be very organized, it could be that way throughout the entire hospital. You sure don't want your first nursing job in a sucky hospital. Keep looking, you will surely find something better.
  5. by   BMS4
    Thank you Mandi and Badbird for your replies. You both said what I've been thinking (especially the unorganization issue, Badbird). So I'm off next week to try the other hospitals in my area.

    Mandi, I will definitely post when I've gotten a position.
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  6. by   Youda
    Consider that if you haven't even clocked in or been hired yet and they're treating you like this, how will they treat you when you're actually working there? There's too big of a shortage for you to put up with ANYthing! As for getting a job, many employers prefer new grads because you haven't learned to expect better wages and treatment yet!