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  1. Hi nurses

    I'm a newbie and this board is so cool! Found about this website through Congratulations to all the RNs and ones preparing for NCLEX for finishing college!

    Just started reviewing for NCLEX and looking for suggestions. I feel like I'm gonna have panic attack whaaaaaaa What books should I use? How long should I study? What should I do basically? I want to take the exam in few months and thinking of quitting my job so I can have more time studying.

    Have a great week everyone! Thanks!
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  3. by   pc1004rn
    I prepared for my NCLEX by taking a review class and doing practice exams over and over again. (I worked full, you can do it while working if you really needed to) After the review class, I didn't go over any materials. I just did questions after questions. Buy one of those review books (ex. princeton review), but I preferred the one without an review, but with rationales. I did about 2,500 questions. Keep practicing answering questions. When you take the exam, don't read into the questions, answer the question and move on. Good luck with studying and the NCLEX.
  4. by   shay
    Oy vey!!! Welcome!! B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!!

    Okay, first, don't quit your job. Second, get a review book. Third, if you're really that nervous, I suggest an NCLEX review course. Lots of folks here have taken them and really were pleased.

    Fourth, the NCLEX is really honestly truly NOT THAT HARD.

    Really. It's not. Don't stress. If you did well in school, have a good grasp of pathophys, and know your fluids/electrolytes, you're gonna be fine.

    Welcome to allnurses!!!
  5. by   fit4lifenurse
    I'm in the same boat, I also recently started reviewing 2 weeks ago and now about 2-3 days behind my study schedule. I also work full-time but I'm doing my best to make my reviews a priority. I'm still reviewing the content and plan on practicing at least 2,500-3,000 questions before I take NCLEX.

    Best Wishes! We can do this!
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  6. by   Enabled
    Gee, when I took the Boards, as we use to call them, (I still shudder at that word) we didn't have reviews or even study sessions as we were on our own. The night before the tests began we got a hotel room not far from the testing site and we all brought our books. I don't think we looked at even a page. The wine was excellent. Chilled just right. Most of us were older students so we were legal. Back then, you know the Flinstone Age, the exams were over 2 days with a morning and afternoon session. Some people actually went through 3 sections and failed to show up at the last. I don't know if the tests are in more detail but don't sweat it. If you even did just ok you should do ok just don't read into the questions or see if there could be a hidden meaning. When I took those things 3600 was a perfect score, I had a classmate come close and if anyone could have she did. We actually had one classmate get 1601 and you had to have 1600 to pass. She did terrible in taking tests but she makes a damn good nurse. Her clinical skills and critical thinking are tops. Within a short time of her hire at a facility for extended care patients on vents she was charge and then unit manager in less than 2 years and has thrived on it. No it wasn't moi I understand now that the NCLEX is online through testing centers and results are almost immediate. We took our boards in June or July and didn't get the results till mid-September. The waiting was horrible. The school got a list of grades prior to our getting our notifications. Oh, the night inbetween the Boards we went to Disney Village for dinner and an early lights out. One gal at the table I was at came in on crutches and said she had several lumbar disc herniated and was waiting till after the boards to have surgery. You can imagine the pain and the pain meds could have an effect on her scores. Yes she did pass. How do I know? It was my sister. She had started school a year ahead of me and had to take a year off droping her into my class. We were the first sisters to graduate together from the same class. They are waiting for a mother/daughter or mother/son. That sounds wonderful. So newbies take a deep breath and go for it.
  7. by   jnette
    Anyone know the approx. # of ?'s in the Va. State Boards ? Are all the individual tests given on a particular day different? (as in does each test have a different amount of ?'s, etc.) What about the scoring (for Va.).. is it "pass/fail" or do you receive an actual score? If so, What are the upper/lower limits? And which book is the best recommended to study the NCLEX for ? Any suggestions? Thanx, all !
  8. by   renerian
    Hey there! I figured if it did not know it by the time I would not finish school, there was no way to study all of it them before the test. I am a small group of my friends, did not study at all. Passed with flying colors.

  9. by   renerian
    What I meant to say,,,,,just woke up LOL, if I did not know by the time i finished school I never would.........

    downing coffee quickly,

  10. by   nightingale
    I took the Kaplan course review for NCLEX.. I did well in school but hte course took the edge off of the test.

    I had three very bright friends who did not take the course (who thought it was rediculous) and they failed the first time.

    There are also review tapes that will be most helpful if you have time to listen to them. Fill your head with the info and then get a good nights sleep, eat well, and go in there confident.

    Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing!

  11. by   jnette
    Hey Renerian, Hey Nightingale ! Thought of doing the same... just go in there and take it, get it over with..take my chances. Did super in my academics, all those exams. But somehow I don't think I'd feel right NOT studying for this ! And if I WERE to fail, I'd never forgive myself for being so stupid and arrogant !(not directed at you, Renerian!..just ME!) Also, I'd really like more info on the tapes.. where do I find them? I do well with tapes, I've made several for myself in the past, and they work for me. I listen to them on the way to work, cleaning house, on the way to the grocery store, etc. Whatever works, right !? Please send me some infor re purchasing these tapes. Thanx guys !
  12. by   renerian
    jnette your very welcome and good luck!!!

  13. by   futurecdrn
    Thanks everyone :-)