NCLEX-RN Review Courses

  1. Hi, I am graduating in May 2003 from a 2 year ADN program. Just wondering if any of you who have taken the NCLEX went to one of the review seminars. I have been doing research on the Sylvia Raefield & Assoicates seminar. A couple of people from our last class said it was great, that it was all the review they needed before they sat for the boards. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   mom2rosebudbaby
    Hi, I graduated in December 02 and I paid big bucks to take a review course-- not the one you mentioned-- but another and I'd rather not say which one. But if I had it to go over again I would not have taken a review class. I don't feel like it helped me at all. After taking the NCLEX I am sure that I could have passed it without the review. (and had big bucks to go celebrate with)

    I have heard others say you either know it or you don't and I believe that is true. There is like an 84% nationwide pass rate for NCLEX. So why not gamble and take it without a review-- then if you don't pass take one. I wish I had taken the chance on passing without the review.

    I would suggest studying other NCLEX books if you have one or two.
    Good Luck!!! Let us know how it goes.
  4. by   Gator,SN
    They are coming to my school 10 days after graduation for the NCLEX review.
    It is $275!!!!!!! I'm not sure if I will take it or not.
    One funny thing though.....the reps from the company did mention that if you take the course and you fail the boards, they have a money back policy!
    A confidence builder, I'm sure....