NCLEX results posted on web site

  1. Hey there kids! I had heard that results from nclex ( in the form of your name with an assigned license number) are posted on the state nursing board web page.....I have found where to look this up, but how long after your exam does it take for them to post a positive result?

    I had heard 72 hours after, but my friend had said that the board got bogged down and was on a 2 week back up....I took my boards on Friday, and today they are still not posted!!!

    Anyone know anything the wiser???:
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  3. by   bassbird

    I don't know the answer to your question but I will be thinking of you as you wait. Minnesota is one of the states you can call on the 900 number, but I see Mich. isn't. If it helps at all, I did take my test on a Monday and received my license on Sat!

    I'm sure you did great! Hang in there.
  4. by   TNRN
    It took approx. 2 weeks to show up on our state's website, but I found out a couple of days sooner by the 800 number. Best wishes! The waiting part is awful.
  5. by   NICUNURSE
    I took my boards two weeks ago today and am still waiting to hear. I've heard that it really varies. For one friend, it took less than a week, for another it took 3 weeks.
  6. by   RNConnieF
    In PA it is supposed to be within 3 WORKING days but it's not always- turns out the state only updates the site once a week!
  7. by   Morguein
    In Maryland, we were told it would take only a couple days to see our results posted on the website. But that's just not happening. I've got a friend who's been waiting for over 2 weeks and still has not seen anything posted yet. I just took my exam on the 17th and I'm waiting ever so patiently for the results. I wish we were fortunate enough to have the 900# access. That would be awesome. Goodluck to you all!
  8. by   NurseLKY
    I took a new NCLEX from a new company and I took the test at 8:00 am and found out on the web site at 11:00 am. Talk about a load of my shoulders. This is going to be the new test in Kentucky.
  9. by   RNConnieF
    I'm still waiting since 7/18. So much for the 72 hour thing.
  10. by   NICUNURSE
    Okayl, I just found out today that I passed the NCLEX. I took my test on June 3rd, so it took almost 5 weeks for my name to show up. I think it's really random because I have friends that found out in 3 days and then there's me.
  11. by   meownsmile
    I have heard that after the 1st of October i think, NCleX is going with a new testing company. Maybe they will expidite the results with better success than the old company.
  12. by   KIAN
    I heard about the new NCLEX also. There are some professions that get their results as soon as they complete their licensing exam. It appears on the computer screen. Wouldn't that be nice!
  13. by   NICUNURSE
    I honestly think the reason that they don't do this is for the safety of the poor Sylvan Learning Center workers. Can you imagine the reaction of someone who just found out that they failed their test. SCARY!
  14. by   Neon8
    Would someone from California please provide me with the address to see who has passed the NCLEX? Thanks