NCLEX results

  1. My State doesn't participate in Pearson's Quickview results system. Someone mentioned you can find out on the BON website where they show newly issued licenses. Does anyone have specific information about that?
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  3. by   kbstudent
    In California,you go on to the BRN website and use the online license verification. Put in your name to see if you have an RN license. It will show up there before you get notification in the mail.
  4. by   suzanne4
    What state are you in? Just go to their website for the BON and you can go under the section that says license verification. As soon as it is processed it is posted.

    Good luck...........
  5. by   maggiechan
    Virginia. I will try that about a week or so after I test. Thanks!
  6. by   Mithrah
    I took the NCLEX and the next day I went to the BON website and it showed I was an RN. Now that was fast! Two days after I tested I got my license in the mail.