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For all you recent grads, I've got a question for you... The program I am starting in August uses a national testing service designed to prepare us for taking the NCLEX upon graduation. Apparently... Read More

  1. by   funnygirl_rn
    Sorry, I am not a recent grad. However when I took my boards, I studied from a Mosby NCLEX book & the CD that came with it, but I especially liked the Kaplan book. The Kaplan book was inexpensive....yes, it didn't have as many questions as some of the more expensive books did...but, it taught you the rationale behind the questions, prepared you for test taking, & basically stressed the importance of ABC's of nursing...& reinforced everything that I learned in school. I also think that it helps if you take your boards soon after you least within a month. I took mine 3 weeks after I graduated. I just studied for an hour or two each day when I would get home from work. Good luck everyone!
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