NCLEX material/course-- I need advice

  1. Can anyone give me advice on what material/course was the most effective for you to help pass the NCLEX?
    Also, what do you think of the KAPLAN classroom course? I'm thinking about enrolling myself in it. Please feel free to give me some feedback!
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  3. by   yvonneRN2B
    Kaplan is probably the best resource. If you can't afford the class, the book if full of testing stratagies and comes with a disk containing about 5 practice tests ranging from 75 questions to 265 questions. I did not take a reveiw course of course, I did not pass the 1st time either. But reading Kaplan has really helped me see where I went wrong the 1st time. I also bought Nursing made Ridiculously simple and it is a great cheap book. It breaks things down very easy and I got it on for about $10.00.
    I take my test on Friday and will let you know next week if these indeed did help.....