nclex exam

  1. My daughter took her nclex exam(for the 2nd time) on Oct. 4. She has not heard a thing. It is driving be crazy!!! My stomach is in knots!!! This time she finished with 80 or so questions. The first time she took all 265. She also felt really good after taking it this time but now she has second thoughts!!!!!
    Anyone have any thoughts?
    A concerned mother!!!!
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  3. by   emily_mom
    There is a website (I don't know what it is though) that you can check, as they supposedly post it within 3 weeks. If I find it, I will post.


    Good luck to your daughter!!!
  4. by   NICUNURSE
    What state did your daughter take her test in? Most states have a web page where you can either find a number to call or a website to check out to tell you whether you've passed. In california it's
    If it helps any, I took my test and it took almost 5 weeks for me to find out via the website (I did pass!) So try not to worry and tell you're daughter not to either. I'm sure she did fine!
  5. by   dawnmarie,rn
    Thanks Kristy and Nicunurse.
    We live in Mass. I think she checks a website everyday and waits for the mail.
    I did send an e-mail to the mass board and she was very nice and sent me the phone number to reach someone at PCS(where my daughter had to register to take the nclex)
    It's so hard to wait.
    Thanks again
  6. by   FranRN
    Just a thought! Each state has a number that you can call to find out if a person is registered with them as a nurse. Employers use this number. In NC, where I got my license, I called the board of nursing and followed the voice prompts. I knew within 3 weeks. It took another 2 weeks before i got any information from the board of nursing.
    Best of Luck to your daughter!!!
  7. by   Luv cats
    In our state, we call a 1-888 # in 3 days and they tell you your results (for 8$). I thought all states were that way!
  8. by   MelRN13
    How discouraging!!! In MI, there is a website and 900 #!!!I took boards on a monday and had results on Wed, and my license came in the mail on Saturday.

    Good luck
  9. by   Angelsmom
    if she only did the 85 questions and she felt ok about the test she most likly passed i just took mine oct 15th and found out the next day florida is wonderful! i know that an employer can call the board of nursing to get a licence number for an employee. if she passed she will have a number best of luck Kathy
  10. by   ERDIVA2B
    The new testing agency NCS Pearson has a website where you pay $8.00 and you can find your unofficial results online and print out the page for proof. We also have the florida website where we can look up our license ! i took mine the 24th of October and had 85 as well and I passed! I got my unofficial the next day on the website and 3 days later it was on the florida website withmy license number! best o luck!
  11. by   Angelsmom
    pearson is great i couldnt get my credit card out fast enough!