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I Know so many people post the fears and anxiety related to taking the NCLEX. I have read all the previous posts and replies. I am taking my NCLEX tomorrow morning (20hrs away) ! I graduated in... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    dont worry u passed!
  2. by   Christel2Rn
    Thank you so much for all the replies. I know everyone here has been through this. I think they to revise their scoring. It's torture having to wait.

    I really appreciate all the encouragment and comments on similiar situations.

    I am scheduled to start my orientation on 8/12/02. I will be working in a level III NICU. I am also waiting for my NCLEX results so i can register for my BSN classes. The plan is to have my BSN in 1 year and hopefully get my Neonatal NP over the next few years.

    I'll post a message when i get results. Thanks, Christel
  3. by   nurse4kids
    Wow! Congrats to those who have recently taken the NCLEX. I too will be in your shoes soon! :O I graduated w/ a BSN this May and am scheduled to take my NCLEX Friday, July 19th (any prayers are appreciated...haha)

    A girl I graduated with said she had all 265 ?'s (was there for 4 hours!!) and her best friend who went with her only had 83!

    I know after every test in nursing school, I'd go home and go through my notes/books to find answers to the questions I thought I missed on the test. So, when some of you mentioned that you did that after the NCLEX, I sort of just smiled, b/c it's something *I'd* do, but will hopefully be able to refrain from doing after the NCLEX (wishful thinking).

    Anyways, good luck to yall who have taken it! Everyone I hear who's been taking it recently is passing, so that's encouraging!

    Christel, where in NC are ya? I'm near Raleigh

    Keep everyone updated
    --- Stacey
  4. by   Neonatal WannaB
    Hi, You Ladies are really scaring me. I don't know my testing date but I just finished at the beginning of July. I am so nervous. I haven't taken a preparation course but I have been studying from my book and I have already done over a 1000 questions. If you don't mind me asking what kind of questions did they ask you? Is there some things that I should focus on more????

    Well, good luck to you all. My prayers are with all who have taken or who are going to take the NCLEX. I know you did great. We worked hard for this!!!!
  5. by   meownsmile
    I can relate to all the anxiety going through this post. I took my NCLEX on the 11th. Was fine going in, fine while testing, fine on the walk back out to the car, sat down in the car and wanted to barf! My test cut off at 76 and i also let that silent gasp out wanting more questions to prove myself.
    I will call teusday to get my " unofficial results" if i can stand to wait that long. That wait to get an answer on the phone is almost worse than anticipating the test itself.
  6. by   RNConnieF
    I take my test Thrusday the 18th. I don't feel ready but I never will so I'm just going to go ahead and take it. I figure I passed my LPN boards with the minimum number of questions so there's no reason I won't do the same thing again. (I hope)
  7. by   Christel2Rn
    from what others have been telling me, its rare to fail if it cuts off at 75. Mine did as well. I figure, i either passed or just did so horrible and had no knowledge at all. We passed nursing school. I personally received excellent grades, so i figure i passed. I'm sure you did as well.
    Good luck and post a message with your results.

    In NC there isn't a # i can call, so i'll be patiently (or not) watiting for the mailman each and every day!
  8. by   Christel2Rn
    Originally posted by RNConnieF
    I take my test Thrusday the 18th. I don't feel ready but I never will so I'm just going to go ahead and take it. I figure I passed my LPN boards with the minimum number of questions so there's no reason I won't do the same thing again. (I hope)
    Good luck on the 18th.

    When you took your NCLEX-PN, did others you graduate with also pass with the minimum #?
  9. by   meownsmile
    The 75 number is what i have been hearing too. But its just that waiting game. Figured i blew it bad, or made it fine. I took boards with 2 others from my class and one got 132 questions and the other 75. I did well in school, kept GPA above 3.6 but that waiting game stinks. I also passed my LPN boards the first time and hope like heck i did this one too.
    But i guess if i didnt, 90 days and im in there again. 200 bucks poorer but ill be there.
  10. by   RNConnieF
    We had as assorted number of questions all the way up to 196 (the max for LPN), What I do know is that out of 24 taking the test all 24 passed on the first try- it was the first time in the history of the program that everyone passed the first time. It was also the first part time "adult" program they offered. Gee, do I see a connection?
  11. by   MelissaCT
    I obviously KNEW that there are many soon-to-be nurses out there freaking out about NCLEX, just like me!

    I have been studying so much, and took a formal review course, but of course I am still nervous.
    I did very well in school, the NLN, and the HESI exam (our schools' version of NCLEX that we had to pass to graduate) but like someone said, you are either nervous or you don't have a pulse!!

    One friend in my graduating class passed so far. She stopped at 75. Another girl took it and stopped at 75 but we don't know...she probably passed, based on what I've been hearing here and elsewhere.

    I would LOVE for my test to shut off at 75 so I can just BE DONE.

    I have heard there is a lot of priority, delegating, and growth and development questions.

    I take boards July 26. Please pray for me, and I will pray for you all!
  12. by   Christel2Rn
    Adults seem always do better in school when compared to traditional students. More mature and goal oriented i suppose. Although i'm sure you have no worries, GOOD LUCK next thursday!

    Thanks for replying to this message. I aslo did well on the NLN"S and my school also took the HESI. We had to recieve a certain percent to pass. I believe i made a 92%, but many of the students made 90-100%.

    I originally was hoping for the least amount of questions but figured it would be around 100-125. I was shocked when the screen appeared telling me i was done. On the other hand, i would have died if i had 265 questions. Either way it's nerve racking.

    I wish you the best of luck and will keep in my thoughts and prayers.

    Let us know how your testing went and your "Good News" when you get your results.

    I would definetly focus on prioritizing, delegating, and growth and development. I would also be very familiar with all safety related issues (standard precautions, what precautions necessary for certain illness', etc..)
  13. by   llrn
    Took my NCLEX over a year ago and I know how you are all feeling. But relax, I walked out feeling that I had failed also. If I thought I knew the answer to the question, the right answer wasn't there. I just KNEW that I had failed, and so did almost everyone else that I talked to from class. But, all but 2 of 58 passed. So relax.....chances are excellent that you have passed. Congratulations to all of you for making it thru nursing small task. Good luck in your careers.
    Linda, RN