1. First congrats to all new grads!

    This is for those who have recently taken the NCLEX. How was it and what areas can you recall were on the exam? How did you go about preparing for it and do you think it helped you? Any advise for those who will be taking it soon?

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  3. by   rosemadder
    I took my boards on June 3.
    Advice: Take the first available appointment date--don't wait.
    If you don't get results online or by phone within 48 hours do not panic. It took 10 days for my results to show up on the phone line. Be prepared to have more than 75 questions. That really threw me when the computer did not cut off early....I just knew it would . I had to regroup while it went on and on to question 157.
    The topics will be different for each person but one common thread I have noted among those taking it recently is there are a lot of communication questions, delagation and prioritizing. That was the main bulk of the exam.

    I used the Saunder's Comprehensive Review, Mosby's Questions and Answers and did lots of free practice tests online. I do not feel that anything could prepare you for this exam. It is mostly common sense and some guess work on diseases that I had never heard of.

    Be sure you know all values such as Hct, Hgb, BUN, fluid and electrolyte values. That helped quite a bit also!

    Good luck!
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  4. by   LuvbabiesRN
    I took the nlcex a few days ago (and passed). My exam shut off at 75. My best advice would be not to study to much. The majoraty of the exam was delegation, prioritizing, and teaching questions. (all stuff that you cant really study much for. No math and no medication questions. I took a review course but really didnt study much and i am glad i didnt becuase the whole exam seemed to be just like delgation and prioritization questions.... remember with those questions where they give u a list of patients and ask which pt you should think first think of your ABC's and always think airway airway airway first before anything else!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   PremmieRN
    I took mine on the 11th. I had 75 ?'s. I used several different books to study.... although not very much. The most useful thing fo me was the NCSBN learning extension website I felt that was more indicative of the NCLEX than any books I bought. Good luck..............