My NCLEX Nightmare

  1. You guys are not going to believe what I had to go through to take my NCLEX exam. I took it in San Antonio, and on the day and time that I was to take my test, there happened to be another woman with the same first name as mine, although it was spelled different(Sherri and Sherry). The last names were different, but apparently the test center didn't check that before she put me in the system...she saw the other woman's name and put me in as that person. So, of course the other woman shows up and they call the main office and decide that we will test under each other's names and it will be corrected in the computer. SCARY, HUH?!!!! Well, I'm wondering if I'm going to get my test grade or the other Sherry's test grade, but they assured me that it was all taken care of, so I went in to sit for my boards with the other Sherry's name...Fast forward to twenty questions into my test, and the exam moderator comes in and taps me on the shoulder and tells me that I'm taking the wrong test, that I need to stop and start ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! It so happens that the other Sherry was taking the RN and I was sitting for the LPN exam. This was the most stressful day of my life...the only good thing was that I did pass even after all that.

    And to could have all been prevented if the test site had only done what they were supposed to and actually LOOKED at my driver's license and ATT paper. I'd love to hear from you guys on this.
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  3. by   jnette
    WHOA !!!

    It's stressful ENOUGH without all THAT ! Boy, I sure do feel for you ! How awful...I'd have hated to have been in your shoes that day ! What a terrible experience for you. They sure need to be more careful in handling their applicants, etc. Bummer ! Soooooo glad you passed after all that, anyway ! That's enough to throw a real monkeywrench into your thinking process.. being able to stay focused and all.

  4. by   skgonzales
    Thanks Jnette. I thought I was doing pretty good on the RN one too--they were things we covered in school. Wonder what they would have done if I have finished the RN and passed it?!!!
  5. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by jnette
    WHOA !!!

    It's stressful ENOUGH without all THAT ! GLAD YOU PASSED !!!
    Ditto, what a terrible experience.

  6. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by skgonzales
    Wonder what they would have done if I have finished the RN and passed it?!!!
    Good question !
  7. by   Brownms46
    WOw...skgonzales! But you know what?? I think this shows that you preform well under pressure!!! Congrats on being an LPN and welcome to the world of nursing, where you will do well!
    Wow, that was a completely crappy experience!

    I can't believe they didn't question your identity better! I felt like a criminal when I took it! Needed tons of ID and paperwork, they even had 2 people hold my liscense up next to my head to verify I looked like me, I had to empty all my pockets and put everything in a locker...

    I can't imagine that! Sounds like it was total chaos there!

    Let us know how you did!

  9. by   RNConnieF
    Good gosh,
    I had to have a photo ID, with my signature, a second form of ID with signature, have my photo taken AND be finger printed, THEN I had to sign an affidavit that I was really me.
  10. by   skgonzales
    I had the 2 forms of ID, signature, finger printed, photo taken, and all that...they just didn't look close enough to see that I wasn't the other Sherry--by the way, our last names didn't even start with the same last letter--mine with a "G" (Gonzales) and hers was a "K" --and you could tell hers wasn't a Hispanic last name-- as a matter of fact, it couldn't have been further from a Hispanic last name!!!!! I called a complained to the main office, don't know if it will do any good. I'm just glad it's all over with and I never have to take the LPN one again--I just have to retake the NCLEX-RN (HA HA)!!!!
  11. by   sjoe
    The point is that you passed, which is all you needed to do. You're now an RN, and have a lot of other things to think about.

    The rest of this stuff, I'd say to let go of (unless you want to initiate a lawsuit against the monitors for causing undue stress? The likelihood of collecting any money is rather low, in that case).

    You'll one day look back at this and laugh, if you're not already doing so, and now you have a "horror story" to pass along to students getting ready to take the exam themselves (which makes it even more fun).
  12. by   skgonzales
    I'm not an RN, I'm an LVN, they had me taking the RN exam by mistake--and I might add--they did the EXACT same thing to a friend of mine who went to same test site as I did--she sat down and was taking her test, she thought of me and happened to look up at the top of her screen, and lo and behold--the name was wrong!!!! So, no matter how much griping I did, it didn't help at all. And PS sjoe--I have put it behind me--but I thought that it would make a good post and to give OTHER GRADUATE NURSES a head's up so that they make sure they check their ID's really closely.