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  1. hello fellow newbies! i'm planning to move to los angeles next year, are there any new grads on this board working in new grad positions? if so, in which hospital? dept? how is the internship/ng program? how long is it? how supportive are they? do you like it? learning a lot or barely hangin on?

    i could really use some advice here... thinking about ucla, kaiser, cedar-sinai or usc. any i should avoid or definitely check out?

    i'm currently in home health care in nyc and no hospital experience

    oh, and how are the benefits- insur/vacations/base pay. thanks.....!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Have you gone to www.hospitalsoup.com and checked out the info there? It has a lot of info about some employers....
  4. by   NICUNURSE
    I am a new grad in CA. I start my new grad program next week, so I don't really have insight into the programs, but here's what I do know. What area do you wan to work in? New grad programs in southern CA tend to be anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Children's Hospital of Los Angeles is the exception, as they have a 6 month new grad program and accept new grads onto every unti. I have a couple of people I went to nursing school with who are working at UCLA. Heard some great things about it. Also, if you're looking at USC, here's some info. USC has two hospitals. One is the county hospital. The other is USC University Hospital, which is more of a private hospital. I've actually worked there and I loved it. It's a quaternary hospital: most of the pt. there have had some type of surgery. They also do transplants which is really interesting. I would definitly check it out. As for Kaiser, they tend to pay their nurses more than most hospitals, but depending where you work, some have 8 hour shifts only. Don't know too much about Cedars. Might be helpful when you're interviewing, to ask about the pt. population that they serve. For example, Cedars (from what other RNs have told me) population tends to be a little more high maintenace (that's where the "rich & famous" go) and some of the doctors are world renound (need I say more?). Anyhow, hope that helped. The great thing is that hospitals in CA are really feeling the shortage, so you can get a job pretty much anywhere.
  5. by   kelligrl
    I haven't graduated yet, but as part of our peds rotation we went to children's hospital in LA. They have a pretty awesome new grad program, the only thing that sucks about it is that you get paid about $3.00/hr less starting there than you would elsewhere...BUT you get a six month program vs. the 6-8 wks you'd get elsewhere.. So I guess it depends on what you're looking for..