Looking for an NCLEX tutor!

  1. Hello everyone! I just joined the site and I hope I am doing this right . I am from GA and am looking for an NCLEX tutor. I have heard of an excellent one in Savannah, but no one knows her name. Savannah is acouple hours from me but I am willing to go anywhere...I HAVE to pass! It seems I am making it a tradition of taking this dreadful test every couple of months! Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   merellis2009
    PM me because I am currengtly in GA and just got out of a week long session with a private NCLEX tutor who has at least 5 years experience with NCLEX tutoring. Using her, you are guaranteed to pass if you do what she says. The only thing is that she just recently moved to Jacksonville FL.... I dont know how close that is to you as I am not originally from GA but if you can drive there, I'd say hire her in a hearbeat.