1. Just wondering if you ever get your ATT? I called last week and they said they sent mine out on Tuesday...still not here. They said to give it 7-10 days! I live in Ohio and I think it was only coming from NJ!! I HAVE to test by Sept 30 or I'll have to repay fees and re-register with the new testing vendor. This bites!
    Wonder why it takes so long to come?
    Good luck!
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  3. by   GPatty
    Hey! Just saw this today....
    I called Friday to ask what was taking so long....she was to call the Chauncey Group and let me know. I asked her to call my hubby since I was on my way to work. No word....
    Today I called the State and got a very rude woman who told me that I would just have to wait.....
    So I called the Chauncey Group myself....talked to a very nice gentleman who said my ATT was sent out the 21st of August. I am to give it till Thursday, if I don't get it, call him back and he'll send me another one.
    The 21st was 7 working days ago.
    I agree with the having to test before the end of the month...I don't think we should have to pay another $250 since they were the ones that are so slow getting stuff to us. Personally, I don't have the money, and if I have to re-pay, I am going to be one ticked off puppy......

    Let me know when you get yours, and I'll do the same.....
    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   OHmom2boys
    I finally got my ATT today!

    Now I don't know when to schedule. One girl said they tried to get her to schedule Friday. Don't know if I'm ready to do it that soon! Jacob's birthday is next week and I have parties and a cake to make, plus he has appts at Children's Hospital in Columbus next week. Maybe I should take this week! I don't know what to do!!!!

    Let me know if you got yours!

  5. by   GPatty
    I got mine today too!
    Called to schedule and was told the computers were down, so could I please call back tomorrow!
    I might actually gt to nurse somedaY!
  6. by   OHmom2boys
    Good luck scheduling! It took me 2 freaking hours to schedule yesterday. I did it with the automated thing. Then I called the testing center with my confirmation # just in case!
    I need to start going over some things! Haven't studied at all.
    Good luck!