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  1. Good afternoon! I'm brand new to this site but have been reading for about a week now-what a wonderful resource! I'm 35 a dad and husband and have quit an 18 year job in order to RN. I've been accepted into the local program here in Fl. and wanted to get any and all feedback I could regarding male RN life. As the bread winner I need to make an informed decision. I care about people, and want to make a difference. As far as the money goes we are already living on less than what most RN's make so that's settled. I owe it to my family and myself (I don't think I'll have another 2 years to devote to school again) to make the best decision I can. So male or female, new or experienced-give it to me straight! Thank deeply for any info.
    Tom in FL.
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  3. by   Want2Bgasman
    Male RN, I dont understand what info you are trying to get. One piece of advance. This is a female dominated field, that means that most dicisions will come from a female perspective. If you do not understand females i would start watching talk shows, and maybe even pick up Opra mag a few times. Females control almost all dicisions that will be made while you work in this field. This is not meant in any way to say it is a bad thing it is just quite different then what most males may be use to.
  4. by   Male RN Student
    Thanks Want2Bgasman. I was raised with 4 sisters no brothers and have a daughter and have always found it easier speaking with the opposite sex. As far as info. and understanding that it will be coming mostly from women I'd love to hear any advice for just being a good nurse. If there are particular challenges that you have observed for male nurses I'd certainly like to hear about those as well. I'd certainly like to hear if, in the opinion of the majority, there is just no hope for a male RN. I'd be saving myself and my family a good deal of stress if I found out before committing the time and expense. I want to help people and nursing seems to be about as hands on as it gets. Thanks again.
  5. by   BMS4
    Tom welcome to the boards.

    I went to school in Florida (Pensacola). I had a male instructor and I worked at the hospitals with several male RNs. They were great. Our male instructor once told us that he felt that he had an easier time as a nurse because he was a man. He stated that female nurses tend to "eat their young", meaning we don't always support one another. He felt that men nurses were somehow excluded from that kind of treatment.

    Whether that's true or not I don't know. I do wish that we women were nicer to one another. And not just in the nursing profession, but in most professions women are down right mean to each other.

    Anyway, I say go for it. Enjoy and study hard. You'll do great!
  6. by   SnowymtnRN
    my husband is also a RN and has an interesting approach. he's a "man's man" so to speak, can be very intimidating just to stand next to much less speak to. But his patients LOVE him. Its all in how you present yourself. not that he doesn't have gender issue type problems at times, but that comes with being in a gender biased profession. KWIM? I think if you feel comfortable, you'll BE comfortable. I personally enjoy working with men. There' s none of the catty crap that goes on with working with women IMO...with men what you see is what you get. They see problems, issues, or situations and they fix them.
  7. by   Male RN Student
    Thanks BMS4 and SnowymtnRN! Can't tell you how much your comments mean! I was sitting here at 1am this morning wondering if I should'nt just go and beg for my old job back or even taking a lower postion with no benefits. It's good to know that others have succeeded and found the satisfaction of helping others along with the ability to provide for their families. To follow-do you or others have any comments on a male in pediatrics?
  8. by   malern685
    Is MY arena Tom! lol I worked pedi for 2 years before we started traveling. I did work with a few male nurses and they were GREAT on the pedi floor. Word of the pediatrics you care for the whole family, not just the patient. Now while i feel that i LOVED pedi, and LOVED caring for kids, it did take its toll on me. My husband told me after i left "you sometimes looked like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders." And you know, he was right. It was VERY taxing emotionally to work on that unit. You don't just care for kiddos, you care for their families, friends at times, sometimes you care for abusers that actually ABUSED the child, it is a hard area to work. But very fulfilling.

    Nursing to me is a great profession. It has a lot of problems that need to be worked out. But its like a salad bar, take what you want from it and leave the rest. You can only make it what you want. And screw the rest of it!

  9. by   SnowymtnRN
    above i posted, not my husband! lol sorry for the confusion!!
  10. by   Male RN Student
    Thanks lol! It's probably the wrong way to go about it but after our daughter joined us 18 months ago I find that I want to hold every child I see! Your encouragement (truthfully given) is like a breath of fresh air! Best to you.
  11. by   nec
    i am a nurse (male) i enjoy my work, it is a service profession it is very hard at times but the rewards out weigh the stress just remember a nurse is a nurse and when people call you a male nurse just tell them you are a nurse. good luck
  12. by   Male RN Student
    Thanks nec! It's good to know that others have traveled where I want to go. Hard work, job satisfaction, and making a difference-sounds like I'm doing the right thing.
    Best to you, Tom
  13. by   Want2Bgasman
    MALE rn

    Maybe I am giving you the wrong idea. I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We not only help people sometimes we save peoples lives. When I went to school it was me and only one other guy in the class. Sometimes I felt out of place. Everyone was nice but like I said it is just different. I say go to school if you want to help people. It is not a walk in the park for most. There will be many late nights studying if you have to work while in school. The rewards are endless, the stress comes and goes. It will give you a firm foundation to care for your little one. Best luck to you
    did i say welcome?....anyway, good luck in your endeavors on becoming a rn...if you understand females as you've'll have no problems in conversing in our!!! just apply yourself and you'll do fine...again -
    good'll need it. nursing is a challenging field...but i'm sure you'll make just have to want it bad enough!!!