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Good afternoon! I'm brand new to this site but have been reading for about a week now-what a wonderful resource! I'm 35 a dad and husband and have quit an 18 year job in order to RN. I've been... Read More

  1. by   Male RN Student
    Thanks again for all of your input! Believe it or not you've helped (after all you are nurses aren't you) me through a period of indecision based in part on so many negative reviews. I'm convinced that I can make a difference. If it's a small one-so be it-at least it's as part of the solution not as part of the problem.
  2. by   malern685
    Greetings, has been a while since I posted here, thought male RN student might like a little update about how things go for males in the business. Recently, (2 months ago) I began yet another 13 week contract in a "prestigious" north Chicago hospital that shall remain nameless. In this hospital, I got the "pleasure" and "priviledge" of expereinceing the grossest apathy and lack of leadership from any "group" of managers I have ever had the displeasure of working for. Let me tell you a story, A story of an elderly gentleman. He's fallen ill, pnuemonia maybe, who knows. He's a bit confused, could be the illness, maybe a touch of dementia. He has a sitter. His sitter is on the phone. Yes, on the phone. Nice young man. His nurse (of 2-3 months just out of school) walks in to find him well.......not breathing. With me so far? Her first ******* instinct is not, check repirations, not ....check a pulse? NO, her first instinct is to run to the nurses station, only a few yards away, and check his DNR status in the chart. Still with me? Guess what..........he's a full CODE, yes ladies and gentleman, a FULL CODE. As you can imagine the chaos that insued was tremendous, I am down the hall and I hear "CALL A CODE". So, I come a running, guess what I find? The nurses, including this patients nurse, just standing there!!! So I tell one of them, ahhhhhhh, get the crash cart, told the sitter to put his back pack down and begin compressions. Yes, I took control of the airway and began to bag with 100% O2.
    Well, when the craches cart and about 6 intern/residents arrived all ******* hell breaks loose, the code team "leader" starts asking me about his "code status" which I thought should be abundantly ******* clear to anyone who was watching the festivities! Next, the Interns/Residents began to confer upon the next course of action, I suggested that we hook up the leads and see what we got. They thought, HEY, thats a good idea. What do ya know V/Fib!!, then, as you can imagine, ..........they were allready out of ideas, so I said bout sone epi? And while your at it, lets tube this guy!!! What do ya say???. As you can see, luck just wasnt on his side this evening as things progressed from bad to worse when the code "team" couldn't seem to agree on anything. Am I on a rant here? Yes, as you can imagine with family on the outside of the room, physicians bickering as to what to do, numerous attempts to "take over" by more experienced personel rebuffed. Well........just consider your options when you choose and assignment, if it sounds just to good to be true, then it is, if you think a manager won't lie to you about the working conditions, don't delude yourself. Finally, if you think the CNA's will respect your licence, your wrong. They don't give a rats ass about anything but getting there damn breaks!!! Would be interested in dialoging about this or any other topic I can be reached here. Enjoy