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"Ask and ye shall receive." I really think this graduate nurse forum idea was a great one. Thanks to whomever suggested it. I just wanted to start by intoducing myself. I am a 29 y.o. (and holding... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    Got room for one more?
    I will finish school on July 26th and then have to do all the paperwork to be tested.
    I am anxious, scared, excited and everything all wrapped into one!
    I have 4 children still at home (with a 5th possibly moving in Saturday with her child!) and am going on for my ASN starting in June 2003.
    I wish us all happiness and luck and love!
  2. by   WalMart_ADN
    why is this taking so long??!?? I JUST WANT TO TAKE THE BOARDS AND GET THEM OVER WITH!!!!!!
  3. by   Nurse K-Bear
    I am from NY, as well I am going into my last year in a Bachelors Degree program. I just took my LPN boards in May. My paperwork took forever to come as well. Maybe that is why they give you 90 days to work without the permit. Once I got the paperwork back I just called and made an appointment. The results came in the mail in about a week. I called the number thought in three days. I could not wait any longer!

    Good luck to everyone. Get what you can from orientation!
  4. by   gracie1gr8rn
    I am a new graduate and am going to work in med surg, I will change to another unit in about a year and perhaps do some temping.
  5. by   ERDIVA2B
    I just graduated June 27th! Yay! Iam a 27 yr old, LPN turned RN.
    I'm glad it is over. The transition program was so challenging since it was only 1 year in length.
    I will be working in the ER. There are many preceptorships into specialty clinical areas, not previously available.
    Mine consists of 4 weeks classroom, critical care/ER classes and one day clinical, 8 hours a day for 5 days, for a month then you precept with your clinical coach for anywhere between a week to 3 months.
    I will send out my paperwork this week and hope to get a response soon. Florida is so backed up! My friends that graduated May 6th, took 6 to8 weeks to receive their authorization to test and then wait another month for an appointment at Sylvan! They have appointments at the end of August!

    Good Luck to all and Congratulations class of 2002!
    Genevieve :
  6. by   NurzofFaith
    Hi everyone!
    I think its great that Brian gave us a Graduate nurse forum!!

    I'm Channa, a May graduate, who is also 29 and holding..teehee I take my boards July 13th, and am anxious to get it over with!! I took a job in cardiovascular critical care, which I began the 12 week orientation on June 3rd. I am working 12 hour shifts and loving it!!

    I'm married to the Air Force, my husband has been in 12 years this month and we have 3 children. We are stationed in southwestern IL..near St. Louis, Mo.

    I cant wait to get to know everyone!!
  7. by   Christel2Rn
    Hello! I just graduated in June 2002. I will be taking my boards on July 12th. I was surprised at how easily i was able to schedule an appointment. i've heard that many others have waiting lists. Good luck to everyone!

    Good Luck Channa!

    I have accepted a position in a level III NICU and will begin orientation in August. Please keep me in your thoughts on the 12th and i will do the same for everyone else taking their boards.

    TNRN, how do you like the NICU. Is a as difficult as i have heard?
  8. by   TNRN
    TNRN, how do you like the NICU. Is a as difficult as i have heard?
    At first, I was so intimidated by all the equipment let alone the babies themselves. The vents are different, the monitors are different, the pumps are different, the IV tubing is different etc.. Like most nursing programs, my program limited my experience with babies to a few days in the well-newborn nursery so I was also afraid that my assessment skills were seriously lacking. I have found that the the environment in the NICU to be different than any I have experienced. The 99% of the nurses are eager to teach & help one another out. In our new grad program, we have class on particular aspect of high-risk newborn care then we get ample opportunity to practice. They know that there is alot we don't know and are not expecting us to come in and go right to work as a full member of staff until we are ready. I work with some really great nurses who started out in the NICU as new grads. I wish you the best on boards next friday. Eat a high protien breakfast & chew gum (said to increase brain activity )!
  9. by   lisalpn
    Hello everyone. I just graduated may 21, 2002 and will take the boards on july 12!! I am soo nervous!!

    good luck to everyone taking boards....
  10. by   futrnurse
    Hey everyone. I am so glad that you are enjoying the new grad board. My name is Paula. I graduated May 3rd and took boards on June 5th and found out I passed on the 21st of June. I am scheduled to start orientation July 15th for Peds and Gyn. I hope to someday obtain my degree in midwifery. The town I live in does not deliver babies so everyone here has to go to a hosp that is 30-45 min away to have a baby or go to an OB MD. So I think it is a well needed service here. I have two children a boy and a girl, my husband and I separated in my second semester of nursing school. I know that this is where God wants me to be or I would have not made it. God bless you all and good luck on boards and with your new careers.
  11. by   RN4TX
    Hi ya'll from Texas. I graduated May 17, 2002 and will be taking boards on July 19th. I'm currently in an Critical Care Internship for 6 weeks. All GN's at our hospital had to complete a 6 week externship so that's a total of 12 weeks before we start our regular shifts. Then we'll still have preceptors. We have some days in the classroom then some on the floor. Right now I'm just worried about the boards. Everyone says if you did ok in school you should be alright on the boards. I hope they're right. Well goodluck to everyone in their new career's. We are in a great field with such a shortage.

  12. by   NSDRN
    This forum is a fabulous idea I'm a 27 yo BSN. Passed my boards in February and have been working in an ICU ever since. I've been off orientation for about 2 months. Still feel very much like a "new grad." I guess I'm expecting that feeling to take atleast a year to wear off. Anyhow great to have a forum for all the newbies to vent and share ideas. Great to meet all of you
  13. by   lindagio
    Hello!! I am soon to be a new grad the first week in Aug. I had to retake a Mental health class R/T thinking the class was easier than it really was. i have a job waiting for me in a Pediatric hospital on a med/surg floor. I plan to pursue my NP in another year or so. I am a married 32 Y/o with 2 young children 5 and 7. I am anxious to graduate and pass my boards. It is more difficult to wait when you already have a job long waiting for you. They had no PCT positions to offer me so now I have to wait until I recieve my license.