1. Hello everyone! I recently graduated and passed the NCLEX, and now I'm applying for some RN positions at various hospitals in California. I was just wondering...what is considered appropriate attire for an interview? Also, what kinds of questions should I be prepared to answer? Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   WashYaHands
    A nice pair of slacks or conservative skirt and blouse. Look professional but comfortable. Someone once said, never wear anything to an interview that is going to take the interviewers focus off of your face. They may ask you what your strengths and weaknesses are. In your answer, make it clear that you're willing and ready to learn. They may give you a scenario and ask how you would respond. For example, if you were working a weekend and the infection control nurse was not at the hospital, you have a new admission with MRSA, what would you do?

    Hope this helps,
  4. by   Morguein
    -Also ask about their turn over rate
    -Ask how long the nurses have worked there. This will show you
    the employee satisfaction there.
    -You may want to ask about the patient:nurse ratio.
    -A teacher told us to ask about the patient satisfaction rate.
    They seem to like that question.
    -Ask if you'll be with one preceptor or several.
    -I would also ask if they have mandatory overtime

    I think these questions will be good ones to ask in order to decide for yourself if this is the hospital you want to work in.

    Good luck!

  5. by   TNRN
    Here are some questions I got asked during interviews:

    1) why do you want to work at this facility, this unit, etc.?
    2) what are your strengths/weaknesses?
    3) how do you handle stress?
    4) do you enjoy working with others (best answer, shows you'll be a good "team" member),or do you prefer working alone?
    5) describe your best/worst day of clincial experience.
    6) where do you see yourself in 5,10,15 years? (this means are you going to stay with them)

    I was never asked about my grades.
    If I think of others, I will post again.
  6. by   berry
    Worst question I was asked: Describe yourself in three words
  7. by   Stargazer
    berry, that's easy: Wanting This Job
  8. by   MrsRoo2U

    I have a list of Q&A for interviewing. Its a little long, if you want I can email it to you. I also have questions you should ask your interviewer, its directed at healthcare job seekers and employers.

    Pop me an email if you would like.

    Good Luck finding a job, CA is a hot spot.

    Rae McGinley
  9. by   zambezi
    When had my first RN interview for a new grad critical care position a few months ago, i was asked to name the institutions values and disucss which one i thought was most important to me and why (which i probably should have looked at a little more before the interview...). I also had to list the steps of the nursing process. They asked me all kinds of questions about why i wanted to work in a critical care unit, what i did to manage stress etc. I think that they liked the fact that i admitted that i was excited but scared...the manager said that she would have been worried if i pretended that i knew it all...
    Some questions that i asked were
    *what are you looking for in an employee
    *do you have any concerns about my abilities that we have not addressed?
    *what kind of programs do you have to support new grads
    *what kind of orientation will i have etc.

    anyway, good luck, im sure that you will do great in your interview.
  10. by   Neon8
    I recently had an interview. Here are some of the subject matter I was asked to describe.
    My most enjoyable/memorable patient.
    My worst experince and how did I handle it.
    My most complicated patient.
    If I ever percieved that the nurses were not properly meeting the patient's needs and what I did about it.
    Did I ever see a need on the floor and take steps to solve it on my own? If so what was it?
    Why do I want to work at that particular facility?
    They didn't ask about grades, ect., but I took my diploma stating I had graduated with honors, My Sigma Theta Tau induction certificate, and my certificate stating I had recieved Departmental Honors. She was glad to make copies of these and put them in my file. I figured it could only help. I am still waiting to hear if I got hired or not. (I wish I had ready answers for all the questions).
  11. by   Neon8
    When I attended a school for Medical Assistants in the 1970's, I was told that you should show up for your interview wearing what you would wear on the job. Today, I don't see any of my fellow new graduate nurses doing that. They wear business attire to the interviews, and that is what I wore to my interview: a nice jacket with matching pants and shoes.
  12. by   caliotter3
    I left a position once with a lot of drama going on, (my peers left also, a LOT of drama). I went to an interview at a very desirable employer and encountered my first "team" interview. Boy was I chagrined when the questions progressively got more and more to the point about the "drama" place, culminating in the head interviewer verifying the name of the DON (as if that explained everything). They even managed to almost get to the nitty gritty about a couple of incidents. I think they were being very careful about how detailed the questions were so as to avoid problems, however, I obviously knew what they were getting at. I ended up feeling like the interview was nothing more than a "let's verify the gossip" session, at my expense. And here little ole me is trying to be as discreet and professional as possible. Ever since, I go in somewhat prepared to confront any possible negatives.

    Oh, and BTW, I always wear business attire, even to pick up an application. You never know when you are going to be interviewed on the spot.
  13. by   macarmy
    Thanks for your input. I went to an interview last week, armed with everyone's advice. It went well and I was hired! Thanks again for your help.
  14. by   caliotter3
    Congratulations on landing a job! If you're like me you get excited over joining the ranks of the employed once again. I certainly hope that this new job turns out to be great for you!