international new grad RNs hvn a hard time

  1. kinda frustrated here. my family just migrated here in the US last April 2009 and since then I've been applying for new grad training programs in the hospitals here in Los Angeles. I am a pinay RN, graduated last 2007 and I volunteered at a tertiary hosptal EMERGENCY DEPT for a year in the Philippines. the hospitals always seems to be hiring but everytime I applied, they always tells me that the program was full. i am really frustrated!! i tried everything to get a call from the nurse recruiter but I'm just not lucky. my friend here who's also a RN can't find a job and he's been searching for a job for a year. i'm really depressed now. I want a job. they always look for an experienced nurse. how cn i hve experience if they wouldn't give me a chance? i'm thinking maybe they do not really mind international graduates. too bad. we have the experience in our country which I think is really compettve and they wouldn't gve us a chance to serve them.

    anybody know a hosptal or health institution with a new grad program hiring now? or an institution ready to gve a chance to new grads?

    really really frustrated. =(
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