I Passed My Nclex!!!! Yippee!! - page 2

:hatparty: Now off for a much needed vacation and then when I come back on the 14th I start paperwork for my NEW JOB!! THis week has been the BEST ever! :lol2: Shannon... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Congrats, congrats, congrats !!! Smart is as smart does! You've earned your vacation; enjoy to the fullest! I go in a couple months and am looking forward to that tremendous burden lifted off my shoulders..anticipating that moment of "aaaaaaaaaahh..."
    So fling your arms up to the sky, shout and jump for joy, revel in self-awe and MILK this moment pure relief...make it last. It took you years to get here, so at least enjoy the "moment" for more than a "moment"! Pat yourself on the back, Girl, 'cuz as they say around here.."ya done good!":roll And Happy Vacation !
    (where ya goin'?)