How long is your orientation?

  1. Just wondering how long the average orientation is for new grads?? Mine is 12 wks and it is a mix of clasroom and unit time. Those of you who are/were lpns before - are you all getting the same type of orientation or is it modified due to your experience?
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  3. by   pamshome
    I'm a recent grad RPN and my first position orientation is 4-8 hour shifts. Not much eh? By the way, I'm in Ontario.
  4. by   meownsmile
    My orientation on my own unit(that i worked as a LPN) will be at least 6-9 weeks. Then if i feel i need more they will let me have it. I am in a float position so im sure they will let me have as much as i need(within reason).
    pamshome,,, your 4 eight hour shifts is not even enough. Be careful there, dont let them push you out of orientation to early because they are short staffed or something. Your license is worth more than that.
  5. by   futrnurse
    Orientation at my hospital is 4 months. A couple of weeks in classroom and the rest with a preceptor. I have to take extra classroom work because I am going into peds/gyn. Not sure of how long etc...
  6. by   ruffhouser
    I am going into couplet care. Anyone going into the perinatal area goes to classroom training for up to 5 days. Since I will not be working L&D, I only had to go for 3 days. My orientation on the floor is supposed to be for about 8 weeks. I hope that this is sufficient. I start on the floor tomorrow night and am a little nervous. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  7. by   NSDRN
    In my ICU, I received 12 weeks of orientation. A mix of education days and work with a preceptor. I also had tons of self study modules to complete. My unit educator continues to send me ECG's to interpret and other helpful self study modules. She returns them to me with great feedback!
  8. by   schlagel
    I am starting in the CCU in August and our internship is going to be at least 12 weeks with a mixture of clinical and classroom days.
  9. by   RNConnieF
    I just started on a Critical Care Unit. Orientation is at least 4 weeks with a decision on how much longer to extend it made then. I have been working as an LPN for almost 6 years but I asked for the same orientation as any GN since I havn't done any Med/Surg or Critical Care nursing in 5 years.
  10. by   502Nurse
    I graduated this past may and am still waiting to take the NCLEX. I start my new job on Monday. Orientation is approx. 10 weeks depending on how I progress. The first few weeks are classroom, then working with my preceptors and a few other classes (EKG, phlebotomy, etc.).
  11. by   shelml
    The hospital's unit orientation is approx 12 weeks with a preceptor. If more time is needed, surely it's flexible especially since alot of new grads need time to prep for NCLEX (review course, study time), unit orient with collaborating staff: RT,PT/OT,RD,Unit Sec, Social & Case Workers etc)... Also we received 4wks internship&post test with certificate after passing 80% which helped prep for NCLEX. New job inhouse orient for 1 week to ease transition. Hope this helps.
  12. by   NICUNURSE
    I am starting my new job in August and our orientation is 6 months long. We have a mix of didactic classroom training and then actual time on the unit (for a total of 40 hours a week). I am in the NICU but this program is hospital wide.