How long did you wait?

  1. Hello all!

    I will be graduating my ADN program in May, and I was just wondering how long I should wait to take the NCLEX. I want to take it as soon as possible, but I am wondering how long I should take to review and study before the test.

    The week after I graduate I am attending an NCLEX review course that lasts for 3 days. Then I will hit the books until I test. But I know no matter how much I study, I will probably never feel ready!

    Any opinions welcome!
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  3. by   howie122832
    Send in your money right away, because if your state is anything like mine (FLA) it will take them about a month to process all of your paperwork and send you your seating pass. This will allow you time to study, and I don't think that you will ever feel ready to take it, but if you did well in school, then you will be just fine!
    Good Luck!
    Dood.... ASAP!

    The info will never be fresher in your mind, so just go for it!

    Good luck!
  5. by   Rapheal
    Good luck. I was told that those who take the test within the first month of graudation have a 90% passing rate. Within 2 months it is somewhere around 82%. After 3 months it drops to 50%. I was told this by the represenative who gave us the Arnett NXLEX readiness computer test. I don't know how accurate these statistics are, but I believe them to be somewhere in the ballpark.

    My class had a 100% passing rate for NCLEX. We all did a review course and spent alot of time going over multiple choice questions. None of us went back to our nursing books for content. We all just kept using the study guides and NCLEX books to study. The reason we did this is that we believed that school had prepared us for the content questions on the test. We felt that practicing the critical thinking questions would be of more benefit to us for the big test. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   New CCU RN
    Definitely agreeing to take it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   mekajay
    I graduated in Dec. and and passed the NCLEX in Feb. I used an online review, I think it was thru VUE and I also used Saunders and Mosby's review for the computor. I think that they were a big help. The Vue review was for three weeks and it was pretty intensive. Good Luck to you.
  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    Thanks for the info! I am hoping to do it at the soonest appointment time after I get my authorization. I figure the sooner I do it, the less time I have to suffer through all the anxiety!
  9. by   Disablednurse
    RN2b, take it asap. Good luck, I am sure that you will do fine on the test.
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
  11. by   KC CHICK
    Graduated May 15, 2001 and took the test the first week of July (7th or 8th, i think.).

    I've always heard that 'the sooner, the better'.
  12. by   shudokan-RN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Dood.... ASAP!

    The info will never be fresher in your mind, so just go for it!

    Good luck!
    I totally agree W/ heather.. Take it asap.. if you dont know it now, you arent going to cram 2 years of knowledge in a few months... but you might forget some key things.
  13. by   Elenaster
    I too graduated in Dec. and took the test in Feb. Passed with 75 questions. I did not take a class but used the Kaplan Book with CD rom and the Lippincott book and CD. The Kaplan book is excellent, easy to read, and very helpful in giving you tools to help answer questions. The Lippincott book is a good source for difficult practice questions.

    Are you applying for licensure in N.C.? If so, make sure you apply early and communicate with them frequently. I had to stay on them to get my info processed and get my ATT.

    Good luck!!!!
  14. by   LaVorneRN
    I say take it ASAP but give yourself ample time to study. I, like most, used NCLEX 3week online review, Cd's of Saunders, Mosby's and the book NCLEX Incredibly Easy. The variety broke up the monotony. I graduated in May but wasn't able (mentally)to start studying(due to car wreck in May) till November due to recovery. Once I found out my deadline to test (Feb.18th) I really got busy. I think 2 months is a good amount of time to prepare and feel good about it. Most of my classmates took theirs by late July thru Sept. and passed and all of us sent in the $ and paperwork before graduation day. So get that started and you're off! Mad blessings!!!!!