How long did it take you?

  1. HI! I am new to the board here. I am just starting school on the 26th for nursing and I am so excited!

    I am just curious how long did it take you to graduate from the point that you first started school?
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  3. by   delirium
    I will graduate from an ADN program this May.

    It will have taken me 3 years.
  4. by   eltrip
    Itr took me 3 years to complete my BSN. I earned a BA during my first go-around in "collegeland", before I had any desire to be a nurse.
  5. by   Furball
    From prereq's to took me 4 years for ADN. I worked and went to school part-time until the last 2 semesters...quit work, went to school full-time and took out student loans and maxed out credit cards.
    Took me 3 years for an ADN too, including the year for all my prereq's.

  7. by   shygirl
    It took me 8 years because first I wanted to be an English teacher! Then I switched.
    Is there truley an end?
    cna-6 mo
    lpn-1 yr
    adn-3 yrs with prereqs
    bsn-msn bridge- well so far to date lol going on 4 yrs because Im too lazy to buckle down and finish it.
    rnfa-6 mo
    during all of my schooling I worked full time and did school full time, and it shows .
    I should graduate one day with many alphabet letters behind my name , but in the long run you will still call me zoe lol
  9. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    3 years for ADN including pre-req's.
    I'm going to do RN-BSN bridge which will take 1 year, but i have about 2 semester of pre-req's before starting.
  10. by   meownsmile
    Seems like forever,, but

    LPN -- 1year
    AAS/RN -- 3years
  11. by   rachel h
    2 years for the ADN... took all my generals with nursing... I would not recommend that... take your time...
  12. by   Momto2Boys
    Wow thanks for everyone who replied. I am really looking forward to all the education! I am currently working full time and married with 2 boys. Wish me luck!
  13. by   Heather333
    I worked full time and went to school full-time. I already had a degree when I started nursing school so I didn't need to do any prereq's. Took me 2 years total.

    Good luck to you!

  14. by   renerian
    It took me four years to get my ADN but I also worked part time, had two small kids and babysat six others. I was busy. I graduated in 86 and just went back in late 2000 to get my BS. I worked full time and now have five teenagers and used distance education and got my BS in one year. I am working on my masters now and hope to be done in one year also. Distance is very hard though. NO one to bounce things off of.......

    Hope that helps you.