How can your preceptor hep you?

  1. I am orienting GN's frequently. In your opinion, what is the most important thing I can do to make it a good experience for the GN? (This question is purposely vague to bring out a variety of responses.)
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  3. by   shay
    Hey there!!

    I'm not a GN....but my experience as a GN on my first unit was HORRIBLE. One day my preceptor told me I was 'too confident,' then she told me (THE VERY NEXT DAY) I was scaring the pts' parents (peds unit) because I 'didn't seem knowledgeable enough.' She was E-V-I-L.

    I think what would've helped me (and consequently made me STAY on that unit, as the other nurses begged me to do) would have been if #1 she didn't berate me at the bedside (a favorite activity of hers), #2 she didn't berate me period, but instead offered truly constructive critcism in a GENTLE manner, and #3 tried to make me feel like the unit was my new 'home' and tried to help me fit in socially as well as professionally on the unit...every unit has its' own social climate.

    Just a few suggestions from a former GN who was eaten alive at her first job!
  4. by   NurzofFaith
    What a great question!!

    I graduated in May of this year and began my internship in June. I was nervous about my preceptor, he is male, which intimidated me at first..and I am not sure why. Maybe I was afraid I couldnt be close or as open to a male preceptor. Well 4 weeks have past and I think he is the perfect preceptor for me!!

    The things that have been and are important to me are: Learning by doing, if I dont know how to do something or have never done something I tell my preceptor that I need to be walked through it or watch this time. I am a visual person and this really helps!!

    My preceptor asked me if there were any areas where I felt I needed extra attention, I was glad he asked!!

    Knowing where things are and who the nurses, doctors, pharmacists really helps. My preceptor lets me know all of this.

    I feel that if I am in over my head I can ask! I think open lines of communication are very important!!

    Another thing that I have found I like about my preceptor is his ability to laugh and have a good time while we work and learn

    I think understanding the machinery, flowsheets, tube system, monitors etc. has made things more comfortable for me. I spend less time worrying about how to deal with the little things and am able to focus on what is really patients.

    Also..positive reenforcement is great! Its nice to get feedback on ones work. I like that my preceptor will watch me do something and then if he knows of a safer, easier or simpler way..he shares it with me!! I like knowing where I stand.

    I hope this helps I think one of the signs of a great preceptor is one who wants to be great at are well on your way!!

  5. by   RainbowzLPN
    I can't speak for GN's, but for CNA's. When I started, my preceptor (& I use that word loosely!) was RUDE! When I was introduced to her, I got a mumble....since then, I do my thing, she does hers (I work, she likes to see how long she can watch a call bell ring as she sits & looks at the room from the nurses' station). All the nurses I work with are WONDEFUL & treat me w/respect. So, to answer your ?.... respect, honesty, & call them by name, don't point at them & snap your fingers. Oy vey.
  6. by   Neon8
    My preceptor told me right off that she was tired of being a preceptor. She a another nurse on the floor got into a fight about assignments and she was off blabbing about it while my first patient was having diarrhea all over the carpet, confused, diaphoretic, and with a Blood Sugar of 49. That was my first nightmare. I understand about the lack of social initiation. More than once, I would walk into the nurses station positive that they had just finished discussing me. I could tell by the way they acted. And no, it wasn't my paranoia. I didn't feel very welcome. It really sucked. Especially since they were all ADNs and me a BSN was supposed to know so much more or something. It seems like she set me up to make mistakes on purpose.