How are you all doing?

  1. I graudated in May, just had my 6 month review.

    It went pretty well.

    Just wanted to check in with everyone who graduated around the same time as me and started work!

    I am working nights, and that is going better than exptected. But I am green with envy of those who have 3-12 hour shifts! (I'm stuck with 2-8's and 2-12's).

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  3. by   BMS4
    Glad to hear your review went well. Congrats!

    I graduated in May, unfortunately I haven't started working yet. My husband is military, so lets just say that the last six months were pretty hectic with a big move in the middle.

    Anyway, I'm scheduled to start orientation for my first nursing job on Monday, Jan. 20. Pray for me that all goes well.

  4. by   USA987

    You found a job!! I don't come on here very often (my DH is Navy and if you remember, I'm going to be in the same situation you were in).

    Good luck on Monday. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!!
  5. by   meownsmile
    I graduated in May and have worked since June. I got lucky and am working straight days on a 12 hour shift. So far so good, had one eval and it went fine. Still have a couple little details that i need to work on, I find i need to get off the floor for about 5 min and gather my thoughts before i give report, so i dont have to call back to tell someone something ive forgotten and remembered on the ride home LOL. But i think that will come with a little more time.
    Im getting fairly comfortable with what i am doing. Good luck to you folks starting your jobs. Hope everything goes smoothly.
  6. by   BMS4
    USA, I remember you. Thank you for the good thoughts. I was pretty upset last year, but it was amazing, Jan 2 I got three phone calls for jobs. And the job I've decided to take is the first place I interviewed for and the one I really wanted. Actually, I interviewed for a Med/Surg position and I got a job on a Cardiac unit instead. I'm so excited!!

    I'm sending good thoughts to you. Things are getting a little hectic for us military spouses right now. Not to mention my oldest son just enlisted in the Air Force (he quit college without telling anyone and enlisted, but that's another story). Big {{{Hugs}}}.

    meown, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well. I hope to be as comfortable you are by the end of 6 months. Thanks.