How are nurses treated by doctors?

  1. Hi everyone,

    After reading some of the posts about nurse to nurse relationships, I was just wondering if it is fairly typical for doctors to make nurses feel inadequate? I've heard some real horror stories and know some students who were headed to nursing school and changed their minds when they heard such rumors. I know there is a difference between questioning to help a nurse learn and just plain belittling. Either way, I am going to make it through and handle what comes.

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  3. by   RN-PA
    Hi Deb! There've been a number of threads that I remember reading addressing the topic of doctors' treatment of nurses. The main one I remember was entitled, "Little Doctor, Holy Terror" and can be found here:

    Don't let the tales scare you; reading how other nurses have handled doctors has been very helpful to me. If I can remember the titles of any other threads, I'll let you know.
  4. by   TNRN
    A related story...
    A funny thing happened at work on Friday. There are 11 new grads orienting on my unit alone (1/2 going to nights). About five of us where told to go watch a Plastibell circ because we had only seen Gomcos. The neonatologist had about 3 or 4 to do so after each circ we tried to make ourselves useful and get ready for the next one. It was a small room so needless to say we were bumping into one another and generally getting in the way. The whole time the doc just sat back, grinned and said he never gets this much help! The point is he had a good sense of humor about the near chaos we were causing. Overall, I have had good experiences with the physicians on my unit. They have been approachable, kind, and willing to answer all my MANY questions. So, maybe they all don't have horns growing out of their heads!
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    In general, the docs I deal with are very good and very nice to me. It's just the occasional jerk that stands out in my mind. But it's like that everywhere you go....
  6. by   live4today
    Most of the docs I've had the awesome privilege of working beside have been wonderful! Knowing a few with LESS than tact and personality goes without saying in any nurse's world. :chuckle

    I know how to handle the snooty docs, so they don't bother me any. I put them in "check" and they leave me alone.
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    depends on the doc, i have worked with some great ones and some real jackasses. i find it is mostly the older docs who treat nurses poorly. i also believe they will only treat you as bad as you let them.