Hi again

  1. Thank you, Youda.

    An update, I've now applied to five hospitals and haven't heard anything back. Two of them I just emailed my resume' through their websites. I'm thinking I will also go in as well. What do you think?

    Anyway, today I was VERY depressed about the whole situation. I graduated in May and all my friends have been working since then. I had two great job offers before I graduated, so I thought I wouldn't have any trouble finding work. I was so wrong. My husband came home early, brought me lunch, and asked if I wanted to move back to Florida. I don't want to leave my husband up here alone. He's in the Coast Guard, so he can't go back. The Coast Guard has been moving us around for 16 years and I really thought that this move I would finally be able to start a career. I love the CG and the life it's given my family. We've lived in great places and done some cool stuff. I'm just ready for my turn.

    I didn't mean to whine. Thanks for listening.
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    Once again I messed up. I didn't mean to start a whole new thread. I was replying to my first thread "Need Reassurance".

    Oh well. Thanks for reading it.
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    I can hear you...and I total understand. My DH has been in the Navy for 12 yrs. and we've been married 11 of them! I will be graduating June 4th and we are moving the 3rd week in June. I am scared to death...at least out here in sunny so. cal. I have been networking. Now, I'll be moving to Illinois and not know a soul in any hospitals.

    How long have you been job hunting? Did you start the process before you left? I was thinking about mailing out letter with my resume in May...just saying that I'm moving to the area and would like to meet with their human resource person, etc.

    Please keep your chin up and peckin' along. My thoughts will be with you.
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    Hi Christine, Congratulations on graduating.

    I really shouldn't complain because I haven't been looking long. I've only been job hunting three weeks. I've been called for one interview. While I was in that interview, the HR person talked to a nurse manager on the phone. She told him that she already had three graduate nurses on her floor and she couldn't take another. So I know that the networking thing is what hurt me.

    Good luck with your move. I'm sure you will have no problem finding a job. You're right, the scariest part is going somewhere you don't know anyone. But you'll do fine. My husband says I'll eventually find a job, it's just the wait is killing me.

    Thanks for the reply.