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  1. Can anyone help me in finding financial aid. I am currently going back to school, and am in need of financial aid. I have visited with the college about financial aid and they have told me that all they can offer me is a student loan. I find this hard to believe that there is no other assistance out there. I would have thought with the nursing shortage and everything that there would be something. I have looked on the internet at some different sights and all I can find is assistance for certain races and ethnic background, however none apply to me. I am a 27 yr old white female who has been out of nursing school for 8 yrs. If any one can help me please respond!!
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  3. by   Neon8
    See if the Federal Government will help you with a grant. Go to
    I think this is only good for the first bachelor's degree though. If you already have one this may not be the answer.