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  1. Hello fellow nurses, i just passed my nclex last december, ive been applying for a month but i the application been very slow, i worked as cna before in a nursing home and my previous boss offered me a job with sign in bonus, the place is 25 minute drive but the problem im still on the process of practicing to get drivers license, the bus take like 1 hour to get there. They are offering me AM shift which is 6am-2pm, im having problems to get there coz theres no bus at that early time and i paid 20$ for the uber to get there. its been a week and i havent started at the place, i received a call from the hospital which i worked before but this time they are looking for applicants at the clinic inside the hospital, the clinic is close to our home its just 5 mins away and i can walk, i some people told me i will learn a lot from the nursing home than the clinic, is that true?, if u will advice me, which one do you think will i pick? Thank u in advance.
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  3. by   Stepper
    I would just weigh the pros and cons. I do think the ability to get to and from work is a priority and will greatly decrease stress. I also think there is much to be learned in the clinic- will see a wide range of patients and disease processes. Good luck.
  4. by   ReeShee
    Thank you so much stepper, I really appreacite ur advice