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  1. Hi! My name is Kami and I too am a recent grad. I am waiting to take my boards, which will be July 16th. (ANXIETY!!!) I just finished my ASN and will be continuing my schooling in August. I plan to pursue a career as a CRNA or a Pediatric NP. I'm not sure which to choose yet but I'm leaning more towards CRNA. The $$ is a bit of an influence! But I love kids... I'm torn!! If anyone has any advice for me on how to make my decision, please feel free to tell me.
    I'm anxious to hear from all of the professionals and the different areas of nursing they practice in.

    Thanks! ~Kami
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  3. by   bassbird
    Welcome to the boards Kami!

    I'm a recent grad too. I took boards last Monday and my advice is to do lots of practice questions and get a good night sleep before taking the test. Try not to stress out too much, you will be fine! I stopped studying the day before boards and tried to calm myself as best I could on testing day. I passed and was really surprised that I got my license so fast. I took boards last Monday and got my license in the mail on Saturday!

    As far as making a decision between CRNA and Peds NP goes, I would just get out there and work for a year or so before deciding. That is the advice I have been given by experienced nurses. You never know, something else might even jump out at you.

    Good luck!

  4. by   Kami
    Thanks Roberta! Right now I'm working in clinic casually and also some Urgent Care hours on wknds. I have started applying to some hospitals because I know I need the ICU experience. I have only worked in LTC and clinic. Thanks for the advice on taking the boards! I can't believe you got your results that fast!!! Awesome! I hope the same happens to me!! Congrats on graduation and on getting your license!
  5. by   AL bug
    Kami, Hi I go by bug on the forum. I am in CRNA school now. I have only been in since May, but I absolutely know I have made the right decision. I say if you have an interest in anesthesia, I say go for it. You could specialize in pediatric anesthesia if you have a love for children. They are so scared when they have procedures done, the profession needs people with compassion for little people. I love them, too. Something to think about.
  6. by   joyrochelle
    hey all !!! congrats on graduation! I am Joy from Michigan, and i just graduated in May with my ASN.

    I took my boards last Friday, and still waiting...( darn these holidays and weekends!!)

    I work OB, and plan on returning to school to obtain education as a CNM, after I get used to this MN shift silliness!!!
  7. by   live4today
    Congratulations Joy, Kami, and Roberta! Welcome to the world of nursing! I wish you all much success in your new careers! :kiss

  8. by   Kami
    Thanks Bug!! I never though about specializing in peds anesthesia! Thank you for helping me figure out my career path!! That is sooo cool!!
    Good luck to you in your schooling and I'm glad you are enjoying it!
    ~ And thanks "cheerfuldoer", and Joy for the congratulations and warm welcome!