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  1. Hi there everyone,

    I'm planning to enroll in an Entry to Nursing Program next year and I'm trying to figure out how I will finance it. I have searched the web for grants and scholarships, but have only found sites that require you to purchase a CD of some sort. I have heard that there are millions of dollars worth of scholarships, can someone please inform me as to how one can find out about these opportunities?
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  3. by   ShellyMichele
    Dear KBC119:

    I hear ya!!! I am trying to find funding through scholarships as well. The best places I have found to look for "scholarship" are in books you can check out at the library. You will have to spend a lot of time searching for the scholarships that match your needs. I am planning on buying some books a local bookstore on "How to pay for co;;ege", because most of the books I need from the library are already checked out.
    BEST of luck to you!!!
  4. by   nursestudent
    Hi KBC119,

    There are some free sites out there that allow you to search for scholarships....they do require you to register. I'll see if I can look up some addresses for you.

  5. by   nursestudent
    Hi again~

    Here are some addresses that advertise free scholarship searches:

    Hope these help you out!

  6. by   meownsmile is a site that offers scholarship information after you enter certain criteria. Your list of available scholarship possibilities are geared toward your criteria and area of study as well as non-traditional or ethnic scholarships. They send updates as scholarships on your list come closer to entry deadlines.
  7. by   crnasomeday
    The other place to check is with the school you'll be attending. Alot of different scholarships and grants were available through the school I went to, but if you didn't check into it you would never have known. Contact your financial aid office at school to find out what they have to offer.
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