getting ready for nclex

  1. I finished up in July, now I am trying to prepare myself for the "big test". I am wondering about people's thoughts on paid reviews like Hurst or if you were able to prepare yourself and test with confidence.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Berry, I'm not ready to take the N-Clex, I do have the N-CLEX RN 2002-2003 by Kaplan, I hope it's not expired by the time I need it. It comes with a CD and on the front ofthe book it says

    "Guarenteed to Pass".. so I hope they are right !! I think they run around 30.00 or so. I saw on the board that it was a good tool for preparation.

    Good Luck
  4. by   meownsmile
    I dont think anyone was prepared with confidence to pass NCLEX. To say you are prepared is to be a fool. Study and make use of the time between graduation and actual testing. Do the study questions and review what you missed. Try to do a couple hundred questions a night. I used a separate piece of paper to write my answers on so i could go back and do questions again without markings being visible. Concentrate on prioritizing, and teaching responses along with the other stuff.
    You will do fine.
    I think most of us had the test nausea, whether after or before the test. It just goes with the territory with a test that is this important in ones life. Good luck!
  5. by   RNConnieF
    I used the Kaplan. I liked it for two reasons:
    The goal of the course was to teach you test stragities, how to read the questions, how to determin what the question was asking, and how look at the answers so you could eliminate at least 2 of them.

    The secound reason was the book that came with the classroom course. It gives a GREAT system review with each of the disease process studied. I.E. if the topic is diabites it goes into the anotomy, the paythoogy, the treatment, and the sigins and symptoms of high and low sugar, as well as what to do. The info is in outlied form so it's east to read.
    I took the classroom course which includes 12 classes, the book, and a CD of practice tests. It was around $300.00, money well spent IMHO. While I was taking the test I could actually "hear" the teacher's voice in my head coaching me on all the test taking stragities we went over. Seems to have worked well. I pass on 75 questions. Good Luck to you too.
  6. by   Nurse_Nette
    i went to a Hurst review back in June and I loved it... It was worth every penny.. Besides my hospital paid for it. I learned a lot that i didnt already know.. Now just wish me luck next week on exams.. Good luck!!
  7. by   NICUNURSE
    I also took Kaplan. I thought the class was great, but I was truthfully only able to use the strategies on one question. I think it was just the nature of the test that I got. But, when I was taking the class, it did make me feel like I was more prepared for the test and the questions get you in the frame of mind for NCLEX questions. The book that comes with the course is great. Here's a hint: If you contact Kaplan and ask them to send a rep. to talk to your class, they will give you the course for free. It's like $300 so that's a big savings! Also, ERI, the test company has a REALLY good book, even better than Kaplan. I read that the week before and passed in 75 questions. E-mail me if you want more info on that book
  8. by   nurse4kids
    First of all, it was only a few weeks ago that I was in your shoes. I took the NCLEX July 19th and found out that I passed Aug.2nd. Now, for the next 2 weeks- it's basic hospital orientation... ugh!

    But anyways- I have some advice...
    1. The review classes are always so different. I took one that was okay, but I'm glad I didn't have to pay the $300 for it (my school did b/c of some "problems" we had throughout our nrsg program)

    2. do a lot of study questions. Granted, formost of questions on the NCLEX, you either learned it or you didn't, but sometimes you just never know! For me, it just boosted my self confidence going into the test!

    3. Read all the info/tips/advice pages in review books. I think a lot of time people don't think they're helpful, but they were to me!

    4. RELAX as much as you can the days leading into the test and DEFINITELY on the test day. IT'S SO "HELPFUL"!!!!!

    5. Bring some ear plugs. My testing center provided them. I was reluctant to use them at first, but I'm glad I did. That way you don't hear people (as much) getting up to use the restroom, leave the test, coughing, keyboard, etc.

    6. Wear your most comfortable clothes, but I wouldn't recommend PJ's-- you'll be sleepy and just want to be curled up in your bed! ahah Oh, and dress in layers

    7. No matter HOW relaxed you think you'll be (I felt pretty relaxed the AM of the nclex-- call me weird...haha), bring some Imodium-AD!! Once I walked in the doors to register, I all of a sudden didn't feel well... ugh!

    8. And last but not least, if possibe, GET OUTTA TOWN after your test! Do something fun for the days following, so that it gets your mind off having to wait 1-2 weeks to get your results. It took me 14 days to hear back. I was out of town for 8 of those days and babysitting all day for another 3. Trust me, it helps to be BUSY!

    Hope this advice helps!! Sorry it's so long GOOD LUCK! **RELAX** and stay POSITIVE- and pray the computer shuts off at 75 like it did for me! hahah

    ~Stacey, RN~
    (still not used to putting that "RN" behind my name.. hahah)
  9. by   rachel h
    I have heard good and bad things about the review courses. Some say that they are helpful, others say that you don't learn anything that you didn't already know from school. I personally didn't take a review course b/c I couldn't afford to. I bought a couple of review books and did practice questions on an nclex website. And I passed in 75 questions, first time.

    I would recommend focusing on priority setting, for example, which patient would you see first- type of questions. Those were the majority of my questions, as well as several others I have talked to.

    Good Luck, and try not to get too stressed about it! (I know, easier said than done!)
  10. by   berry
    Thanks for all the info, I have been taking practice test but I seem to score around 65-68% on each test. It doesn't matter if it is comprehensive or just on 1 section. It has me worried I have taken 1050 questions so far and answered 67% right but that seems like a failing grade to me. I scored in the 75th to 90th percentile on each of my NLN test during school but feel much less sure of preparing myself now. I graduated with honors and never had a real problem in school just cant seem to increase my scores now. I was wondering how some of you guys scored on the practice test you used to prepare yourselves.
  11. by   Nicunurse_RN
    It sounds like you have been doing tons of practice questions!! I did approximately 1500-2000. I was discouraged by my results from the practice question. I was usually between 70-90%. I think i did about the same as you on my NLN's. I think you just have the expected NCLEX jitters and will pass with flying colors.
    Just make sure your going over all your rationales for the ones you missed. Think big picture. Delegating, priorities, safety precautions, standard/ isolation precautions, etc. I studied to in detail and was surprised at my questions. I had 75 ques. I really thought i failed. 2 weeks later i found out i passed!!!!!! I just took mine on 7/12. When are yours?

    Good Luck!!!!!! Try not to stress yourself out!
  12. by   Morguein
    I took Kaplan also. I thought it was a pretty good review course; but the questions you do in class are NOTHING like the ones on the NCLEX; but they definitely help you to review the many different disorders a person can have. There were many things I learned in the class that I had forgotten or never covered in school. But, the CD you get with the course has questions on it that are very similar to the questions you get on the NCLEX. I highly recommend doing all of those questions. I also scored in the 60-ish range on these questions and started to panic; but I talked with my Kaplan instructor, and she said that as long as we're getting a 65% and above, we're passing. So, that was a relief. My studying consisted of doing close to 3000 questions (from several different CDs and books) and reading the entire Kaplan book which had good information on just about everything you need to know. I also got together with a few friends to go over information that we needed more clarification on. When I took the NCLEX, most of my questions were focused on infection control; different standard precautions;and which patient I would see first. I had maybe 2 drug questions: one on lithium and one on digoxin. That's about all I remember. That whole day is pretty much a blur to me. Get this; the day of my test, I was sicker than a dog (I had strep throat & mono). During the night I started to feel really bad. My throat was very sore and I had a very bad headache. At the time, I didn't know I had strep and mono. Gotta love that combination eh? hehe! Anyway, I didn't get ANY sleep what so ever that night. I literally had zero hours of sleep. I got up at 6 am. Drove my sorry self to the testing center and took the exam. There was no way I was going to cancel this exam. I wanted it over with. I was tired of stressing about it. And guess what? I ended up passing it. So, if I can do it, you most certainly can.

  13. by   berry
    Thanks for all you guys suggestions and moonpie nice to hear something about numbers the > 65 part makes me feel better. I took the advice about Kaplans I went out and bought the book with cd...excellent. I think this is what I needed it is not full of questions and rationales like my other ones but how to read the questions and elminate answers. I think this is exactly what I needed to get myself up to answering around 85-90 out of 100 questions right.