From RN to LPN

  1. Hello everyone. congrats to those who have just graduated or passed boards.

    I havent taken my boards yet but I got my permit so Have been working as a GN.

    The day my permit came in the mail I opend it and instead of the rush of relife I expected I suddenly felt scared.

    I have worked as an LPN and don't have allot of fear reguarding patient care (other then the healthy caution we all have). My fear is the paper work - administraitive side)

    As an LPN I always happly took 1 - 2 more patients then the RNs becuse they would handle to paper work and Obs vs inpatient status. I don't like this stuff and have a hard time remembering that I have to pay attention to it.

    I also have had a hard time adjusting to the charting on my new floor.

    Anyone else having the same problems ? any sugestions?
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  3. by   missionnurse

    Sounds like you are feeling pretty nervous. I was not an LPN first, but I am nervous about the paperwork, too.

    Just remember what I often remind myself.... you only have to ask for help!

    You must enjoy patient care or you wouldn't have gone on for your RN, so remember that the patients are what it's truly all about. Ask for help and you (and I) will get through the paperwork part too and before long you'll have the hang of it! It'll be old-school!

    Don't give up!!

  4. by   NurseDianne
    That's what scares me also! I've been an LPN for so long. I've enjoyed the patient care side. An now, I start the bridge program next week. And I am scared. What if I'm not cut out to do the paper work, supervisory position? I've worked for the same hospital for 13 years. Some of those folks have seen me go from a CNA to LPN and now will watch me be an RN. It's strange.