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  1. I have seen several RN job offers for people to work while waiting on your NCLEX results. What happens when you accept the job but failed the NCLEX. Has this happened to anyone?
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  3. by   berry
    I took my job about 2 weeks before graduation and started about 2 weeks after grad with my temp lic. in Alabama you are working as a NG-RNP it is good for 90 days or until nclex results are back whichever comes first, the director of the er told me when she hired me if i failed one of two things would happen if i had shown i was the type of worker they would like to have as a nurse they would offer me a tech position until i could test again or they would just let me go.
  4. by   ERDIVA2B
    I used to work in a place as an ER tEch and 2 of the techs were hired as GN's but as soon as they failed the nclex the GN status if null and void by the state, but they continued to work as techs until they could retest. In my hospital where I work we are all hired as GN's and sent through the critical care, and er course which is 2 months long as buys us time to study for the nclex and then take it as sooon as its done, so far no one has failed the boards! they do require your gn letter before sending you through the critical care program, they want the guarantee you are allowed to take the boards.
  5. by   mcg02
    I graduted in May 2002, took a position on a med/surg floor as a GN and making 15.00/hour that started in June. Took boards in August and did not passed moved down to a tech positon, but still kept my pay. Took boards the of November and just founbd out I passed on 12/2. Now my pay goes up and I am an RN with my BSN. If I failed this time they would have to let me go.