Duel Degree - CNM/FNP

  1. I will be returning to school in the fall of 2004 to pursue a nursing degree. I would like to enter a program that offers an accelerated BSN degree(usually 12 months long) with direct entry into a masters program(additional 2 years) for people like me who already have a degree in another field. A few criteria I am looking at for my desired school are the following:
    *to be an accredited program
    *to offer a duel masters CNM/FNP
    *to be located in the southeastern US
    --- I am certainly not limited to these criteria----
    This summer and continuing into the fall, I will begin taking my pre-req's and touring different campuses in order to send in my applications in December. Schools that I plan on taking a closer look at are - Emory, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins and UMC South Carolina. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who has information, advice or experiences to share on this type of nursing program and/or the above mentioned nursing schools.
    Thank you!
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