Do anyone have a good "brain sheet"?

  1. Does anyone have any good "brain sheets" that help you stay organized? Would you be willing to share them? I am researching for my next semester and working on time management and I'm hoping to have a great clinical experience...think these would help! Thanks...katie:spin:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    here is the last one i used when i was an actively working hospital nurse:
    Attachment 5032 report sheet
    you will also find a link for student clinical report sheet for one patient attached to the end of all my posts that you might want to open up and print out.

    also, specifically for student nurses are these:
  4. by   deftonez188
    Thank you so much, i've been so flustered at clinical because my mind races with all of the things I need to do - these are great!