dialysis center...any advice????

  1. Anyone has experience in Urgent care or Dialysis center. can you guys please give me an insight? I'm very scared of starting a new field. Thanks in advance--

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  3. by   jnette
    Hi there ! You have probably found it by now, but there's a "specialty listing" with one specifically for renal/dialysis on this site...scroll down to "specialty nursing". I've worked 5 years in a small dial. clinic as a tech and love every minute of it. I hear the large clinics are not as sweet as ours, though. It's a REALLY neat field, though, and you learn a LOT. I'm getting ready to take my NCLEXRN, and plan on staying in dial. with some PRN at a local hospital. Check out the listing, you should get plenty of answers there ! Best to ya !