Depressed-- Failed NCLEX

  1. I was pretty sure I'd failed so I wasn't surprised, but I'm still depressed because I know I didn't do my best due to overwhelming anxiety. It's weird, because I'd been scoring in the 80-90% in practice tests. But on the day of the exam, I was overcome with anxiety, partly due to the fact that I skipped breakfast (I was so nervous!) that morning, plus the delay in getting everyone signed in that morning didn't help.

    Do any of you know of ways to control anxiety? Anybody out there who didn't pass the 1st time want to share their stories? Now I'm worried that the hospital that tentatively offered me a position early next year, will turn me away because I didn't pass the NCLEX the 1st time. So bummed.
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  3. by   meddoc4
    don't feel too bad I failed the first time i took it in feb 02. I haven't even set up a date to retake it yet i'm trying to find out if there is a group study type thing here in denver that i could get into to help me study. just take your time and not feel so anxious, i think my problem was i rushed through it

    take care and good luck
  4. by   Mkue
    I've never taken it but can certainly understand how anxious you would be that morning.

    It sounds like you were doing well on the practice tests so maybe it had more to do with not eating, waiting so long etc..

    Maybe try some relaxation techniques that morning, then try to eat something, or drink fruit juice, that always helps me before a big test.

    I bet you will PASS it next time, Good Luck, all the best to you
  5. by   school angel7
    I know what you feel,atleast you know you did your best....
    unlike me...until now i cant decide if i will take the exam.
    try again and it doesnt matter how many times......


  6. by   debyan
    Don't give up it's not hopeless Gosh every one is stressed out when thay take that test. My one friend forgot how to spell her own name. In the words of Bob the Builder "Can you do it , YES YOU CAN!" Good luck and god bless:kiss deb
  7. by   sjoe
    aerobics. start a regular program. stick to it. then do it early in the morning before you take the test again.