CNA and there rights

  1. I am a junior in High School and there is a seperate school (votech) for careers teens can get into even before they graduate. Well, I am studying to be a CNA and if I pass the test I will be a GNA. Well, my votech school has worked out a deal with a nursing home that we will help with thier residents. No big deal except that as a studing CNA student I have no rights as far as if I see abuse or neglect I can not report it. I can only report it to my teacher and if she feels that it is serious then she will have it reported or investigated. Personally I think thats not right. I have seen some neglect that I have told my teacher about and I dont know if she reported it or not. There has been times where I will go into a room to get someone washed and dress and then they will say wow...breakfast came a little late today. I am ask them if they have eatten or not and they inform me that they have not. I tell the nurse in charge and she says OHHH...I forgot. If it were my job to make sure that the residents eat on time it would be done. I have talked to my classmates about this and they all say the same. They have nurses who dont wash correctly. I know they nurses have other things to do but, you have to do whats right first. In a 2 1/2 hour period I usually get 3 residents done. To some that maybe slow but, I get the person clean and comfortable. I dont think the nurses shouldnt be so conserned about the number of residents they get done in one day but the number of residents done correctly. Well, I have blow off the first subject...DO I AS A STUDYING CNA HAVE ANY RIGHTS? I will tell someone if i see abuse but, I would like to know if it would come back to me and possibly it coming back to me and maybe a job being lost. Thanks for any suggestions or anything anyone can give me.

    I dont mean nurses in general just the ones I work with. Just so no one gets affended. :roll
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  3. by   tattooednursie
    I think anyone has the right to report abuse! when I was studying to be a CNA it was one of the first things I learned in class that if I saw abuse I was just as guilty as ther person doing it if I didnt report it. You need to cal the cops or the ombudsman if you see abuse. (atleast thats how it goes in california.
  4. by   emily_mom
    They can't stop you from reporting abuse! That's the most absurd rule I've ever heard! Could you imagine if that were your grandma being neglected and no one reported it? Get in touch with the ombudsman or DON. This should not be happening. It is everyone's responsibility to report abuse!

  5. by   Agnus
    You need more experience with life and judgement. There is more than one right way to do something. There are basic principles that we follow in nursing. Principles are different that rules.

    Breakfast a little late because a very human nurse forgot is not neglect. Nurses have a lot more than just following up on CNAs and thier work. At this point you can't even imagin.

    At your age you live in what "should be" you see the ideal. Real life is very different.
    We have little choice on the number of residents we must care for. We cannot neglect some to give perfect care to other. I know this is not what you are suggesting. However, we sometime have too many to care for and we must do the best we can and that is not ideal but is real. As nurses we try to set priorities to get the most important things done, and we must learn to leave the rest to God, so to speak.

    Give yourself some time to develop some experience and knowledge before you go off reporting everybody for minor human failings. I know it seems big and very important to you now. I will not even disagree with you that these things should not be happening but life is not the ideal you envision.

    Reporting the type of things that you describe will not result in anything. There is real neglect and real abuse that does go on but you need to learn the difference.
    I believe this is why your teachers limit your reporting ability. You do not yet have the ability to judge what is abuse and neglect.
    Welcome to nursing. I am glad to receive folks with high standards like you and some day you should make a fine nurse.
  6. by   New CCU RN
    I agree with ur statements Agnus...totally right on target.

    While it may seem cruel that someone's tray is it really a big deal??? Do u eat at 730 AM every single morning??

    You are gonna face things like this once you are out in the "real world"..not everything goes as plans and not everything is alwasy on time... u dont have 40 different sets of eyes, and cant know exactly what is going on every minute.

    I do wonder though... when you say a pt is washed correctly..what do u mean?? are they in stool or urine?? please explain
  7. by   Gwen223
    Thank you for all that everyone has said. I do understand that I dont have much experience, but maybe when everyone sees the big picture they dont notice the little ones. And maybe the tray coming late is not a big deal. But, it only came late cuz I said something. Otherwise it wouldnt have come at all. AAnd NEWCCU RN what washed incorrectly was when the nurse was washing she didnt get all feces off and placed her in another depends. Everyone knows thats wrong. I dont care if it took my 5 minutes alone just to clean her, I would have cleaned properly. I really apprieciate everyone's imput but, I do hope that everyone doesnt think im totally wrong. Maybe a little over reactive but, not wrong to ask questions. As far as reporting, I havent reported anything as of yet. But, of course I wouldnt report someone because of forgetting to get the tray out. It would be for neglect or abuse. Thanks again for the input!
  8. by   nurseleigh
    I gotta say, when I first started nursing school, I saw things that I thought were uncalled for like the things you described. I have since started working as a CNA and now have a little more understanding of what these women have to deal with. . . daily.

    Here is my advice to you. . . . . If it is a one time deal, cut the woman a little slack. If you notice the same behaviors out of this woman regularly, report it.

    Everyone everywhere has a bad day. It doesn't mean what she did was right, and it shouldn't have happened, but we can't be "perfect" all the time. That is just life.

    Some more advice for you-after you become a CNA, go to nursing school. You sound like you would be a very caring, compasionate nurse.

  9. by   New CCU RN
    You are totally correct that a patient should not be left in obvious stool or urine... I agree with you there. Your original post made it seem like you were upset bc she hadn't given the patient a full bath which is why I asked you to clarify.

    I understand how you feel. And it is a good thing to be so compassionate about ur patients. I am sure you make a great CNA and one day nurse. Never forget to do little things for your patients bc that is awesome.

    Just try and put your self in that nurses shoes and realize that she is responsible for way too many patients. She had meds to give, treatments to do, paperwork to fill out. Generally according to my understanding and limited experience in LTC, the CNA's take care of the assitant work with the patients and the nurses do their med passes and other activities that the nurse must perform, etc.

    The CNAs are the ones who pass the trays and make sure that each resident gets them. Of course the nurse is ultimately responsible but she is focusing on the jobs she needs to get done. So the nurse not knowing the tray wasn't passed to one of her forty or however many residents, well.... she delegated that activity I am sure to someone else. Of course you need followup, but she prolly figured the assistants were capable in following through with that.

    As far as the cleaning....while I don't excuse leaving someone like that...if it was a one time thing I would let it go as mentioned above...if you notice all the time she does this...mention it to your instructor. But i wonder, what was going on to make this nurse in such a rush? Did she have thirty patients left to give insulin to?

    I have a tremendous respect for anyone who can do LTC nursing. Their staffing situations are far the worse.. and there are alot of stressors going on there.

    I wish you tons of luck.... like I said before you seem to be doing a great job and will be great to all your patients.

    By the way you are nto wrong for asking questions.... that is a very good thing to do...ask questions........I ask about 80 of them a day :chuckle

    I just think there was probably some stuff going on to make that nurse in such a rush..who knows...she may be negligent. Which would be awful and then...she definitely would deserve reporting. It just seems to me that usually there is a reason for why things appear the way they are. Every pt deserves good care and there is not an excuse for not getting good care but we are all human too...know what I mean?

    Anyhow, if I came off before as being rude or acting as though u shouldnt ask questions.....I apologize... that was not my intent.... and I reread my post, I think I was a little short before. I'd just gotten off a the most awful night shift of my life (awful GI Bleed....huge mess....and was sitting there wishing I could have done more for him)

    I wish you lots of luck in your career. And definitely encourage you to go for your RN if being a CNA appeals to you!!!!! Take care and be sure to always keep your caring heart.
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  10. by   Agnus
    You are never ever wrong for asking questions. Don't let anyone tell you that you are. As I said before I am very happy to welcome you into our fold because you care, you have high standards and you have the good sense to question things.

    Unlike so many young people you have patience and know an extra 5 minutes spent careing for patients can make all the difference for the patient. You have the maturity to understand that 5 more minutes spent doing something will not take much away from the time you have.
  11. by   Flynurse
    I will have to agree with nurseleigh. Everyone is human and as humans we are faultered to make mistakes.

    In the facility I recently resigned from this was not the case. All nursing staff had to be right on point at all times. If you were not you were put under the proverbial thumb. A lot of the nurses they tended to target were the younger and inexperienced. As a dying breed we should all stick together and help each other out with the little things and large. Encourage and guide one another through a problem that needs to be solved. Reporting each other only builds resentment and a uninterest for what we are trying to acheive as healthcare workers. That's not to say if a problem continues is shouldn't be reported, just know when a problem continues what your course of action should be.

    I am very happy you are so concerned for the residents you work with! Please, follow through with your current path and become an RN!