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  1. Hi everyone, so I'm about a year out as a nurse, I spent 6 months in adult oncology and 6 months at my current job in a nicu. I'm interested in case management but I'm not really sure what it all entails. Some people say its really stressful but I can't imagine it's more stressful than floor nursing. Any advice would be nice
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  3. by   Always_Learning
    There is a case management nursing thread under "specialties"; you may get more feedback there.
  4. by   LSU MOM
    just wondering where you done your RN-BSN at?
  5. by   HouTx
    The stress associated with Case Mgt comes from different areas than you may be used to. Based on comments from my colleagues, the most stressful aspects have to do with confronting physicians on a daily basis & meeting administrative goals & expectations for discharges to keep lengths of within the pre-set parameters. If you're OK with handling confrontations and very confident in your clinical judgement & ability to apply treatment algorithms, you'll probably be just fine.
  6. by   hotscrubs
    Quote from LSU MOM
    just wondering where you done your RN-BSN at?
    Sac state university. It was easy!!
  7. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Hotscrubs, I see that you are in the Sacramento area and got your RN at sac state. I should be starting the program in the fall. I just wanted to hopefully get your opinion about the job prospects in the Sacramento area. How hard was it for you to find a job after graduation?
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    It took me five months and I was already working for a hospital in the area so I knew I'd get a job there eventually. It is still very difficult especially if you don't know anybody and have no experience. If your just starting nursing school I suggest towards the end try to find a small job in a hospital doing anything that way you have an in. I went to sac state to finish my degree after already becoming a nurse. The program I did was very unorganized and confusing yet it was easy in hindsight. I did not like it all but am glad I did it. Good luck to you
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    Thanks hotscrubs! I am definately planning on trying to get a job at a hospital after my first year, as either a tech or a cna.