Career Path For A New Rn?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have passed my NCLEX-RN and should receive my RN license in a few weeks.
    As happy as I am to finally become an RN, I feel completely lost. My problem is I do not know what I want to do... Does anyone else feel this way?:imbar

    For years and throughout most of the nursing school I was sure I wanted to work in L&D. However, now that I have graduated, I do not know what I want anymore and L&D does not sound as exciting.

    I know for sure that I am not interested in PEDS, NICU, PSYCH, ER or Oncology. But I am not sure if I want to do OR, ICU, CCU, NEURO...
    I have been told that it may be a good idea to start in MED-SURG "to get my skills", but I know that I would not like it long-term.

    I do plan on pursuing a Masters Degree (Adult NP or CNS) and will start in Fall 2007.

    Any words of wisdom? What should I do? Please help!

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