Can a RN work as a nursing aide/assistant

  1. I recently graduated and passed the NCLEX. I live in Michigan and since there are no jobs here because all of the auto workers who got laid off have their wifes go back to work as nurses and every hospital wants a nurse with at least one year's experience and every hospital is hiring from within, nurse techs and aides who just passed the NCLEX , I would like to know if I can legally work as a nursing assistant/aide while having an RN license.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Yes, you can. Do not exceed the job description of the CNA and remember that you will be held to the standard of the RN license. You can't ignore something and claim, "I'm only the CNA here". If there is a change in condition, you must report to the nurse. You can't walk out of the room and take no action. Good luck finding an employer that will hire you under these circumstances. More than likely it will be easier to find a job in LTC.
  4. by   Seagate
    Thank you for your response.

    Is a LTC the same thing as a skilled nursing facility? I read on here that hospitals don't care if you have worked in a LTC, it has to be a skilled nursing facility. How exactly does a SNF differ from a LTC?
  5. by   Kitty Hawk
    SNF's are more like mini step down units. They can have more complex patients such as one's on vents. Basically many of the patients are coming straight from a hospital and really may not be ready to leave let alone go back home.
  6. by   MissBrittanyRN
    It depends on your state. You can in my state and probably some others, but unfortunately it appears that you cannot in Michigan. I tried to find some info for you from Michigan's Dept. of Community Health, but it was limited. If you have adobe, you can view frequently asked questions here :

    This is quoted from the above link:

    17a. I have been an RN for years, but I would like to be a Nurse Aid now. How can I apply?

    b. My LPN license was revoked. Can I become a Nurse Aid?

    Federal regulations prohibit licensed health professionals from being registered as nurse aids. Even if your license was revoked, you are still considered a licensed health professional.

    Additionally, the tasks a nurse aid complete are significantly lower level than those of other health professionals. It would be difficult for health professionals trained in a higher skill level to limite their activities to those of a nurse aid. Practicing high level tasks would be a violation of the nurse aid regulations.

    ************************************************** ****

    I would contact someone at your board of nursing directly, as that is what I did to find out that in Maryland, an RN can work as a nursing assistant. I am not sure why it is possible in MD, as the above quote states that it is a federal regulation, that governs this.

    If you can work as a CNA, you may need to obtain a nursing assistant certification in addition to your RN license.

    Quotes from the director of nursing practice at the Maryland Boad of Nursing-

    -"Registered Nurses are not prohibited from working in a position as a CNA when the registered nurse has been issued the certification as a CNA from the MBON"

    -"The RN who is practicing as A CNA is held to the CNA standards UNLESS there is a Pt emergency --then in that PT emergency the RN practicing as a CNA is expected to work to the fullest extent of the RN license--so it is a specific PT emergency that permits the exception"

    From the Administrator for the Nursing Assistant Certification Program in Maryland:

    "The Board does not have any regulations which prevent an RN who is currently certified as a CNA in good standing, from working as a CNA."

    If you can work as a CNA, you probably have to obtain a Request for Exemption from Nurse Aid Training form, ph # 517-241-0554, which is the case for nursing students in Michigan.

    Hope this helps. Good luck to you!
  7. by   Wabi Sabi
    Can you relocate? Perhaps, you should consider moving to another state.
  8. by   itsmejuli
    After getting my LPN license I applied to a hospital I wanted to work at for a PCT position, they said they couldn't put a licensed person in an unlicensed position. I wanted to work CCU as a PCT while doing my RN.
  9. by   RN BSN 2009
    What hospitals have you applied to? Where do you live?
  10. by   job2010
    Hi everyone! What about NYC, is RN license good to work as SNA? Is SNA same as LPN? Thanks!!!
  11. by   **All Heart RN**
    I was told by my Nurse Manager at the hospital that I work for that once I pass my state boards I can no longer work as a PCT (but she did state that I may be able to work as a Monitor Tech).
  12. by   MedSurgeMess
    Quote from job2010
    Hi everyone! What about NYC, is RN license good to work as SNA? Is SNA same as LPN? Thanks!!!
    SNA (student nursing/aide) is an unlicensed position, so no, LPN and SNA are not the same so you cannot work them as such.
  13. by   MissBrittanyRN
    Quote from wsuchic1
    I was told by my Nurse Manager at the hospital that I work for that once I pass my state boards I can no longer work as a PCT (but she did state that I may be able to work as a Monitor Tech).
    Depending on your state, there is a very good chance that she is correct. I would still do your own research with your state board of nursing, because I wish that I originally did. I was told by my clinical director that I could not, other staff nurses, and even my nursing instructors that I could not, so I just assumed that it was true. I ended up finding out from my BON that I could have worked as a PCT after licensure, and my manager is bringing me back with open arms now lol. apparently the only person in the entire hospital who knew was the nurse recruiter! again, it varies by state, so you may not be able to, but I would look into more. good luck to ya!
  14. by   StudentNursePV
    I go to school in Missouri (ADN RN program)and will take my boards in Missouri, but I work at a hospital in Kansas. In order to get a job at the hospital I work at, I have to be enrolled in a BSN program. I can not do that until I pass my boards. Can I still work as a CNA in Kansas if I am licensed in Missouri as an RN-- until I pass boards and get enrolled in my BSN program? It should only be about 2 weeks in between the two events.