Calling all RN students that are starting this spring

  1. HI, IM peachy,
    I must say this first this is cool site
    I am LPN been one for 2yrs been cna for 3yrs, been clin-1 for 7yrs did the same thing like lpn but pass meds at one point.
    I am here to write about this
    i am starting RN program at commiute college
    I have to take all pre-rec first
    then get in my nursing classes
    these are the classes i have to take
    Eng-111 Bio-145 Bio-150
    Hlt-143 Psy-201 spd-100 or spd-126
    Soc-200 Phi-220 Ist-117
    But since i been out of school for 12yrs
    I have to take alg-03, chm-01, bio-01, eng-05 before i can take any of the above class..
    can u all help tell me what classes go with each other because i want to take 4 to 5 classes.
    so i can get done in 2 1/2 years.....
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