Calling all New RN's

  1. I was new nurse last summer and just can't believe how fast this past year has went. Anyway I have been asked to speak at an upcoming "recruitment" dinner that my hospital is holding for new grads. Althought it was only been a year since I was on the other side of the table I can only come up with a few topics to speak about. So far I have - Preceptor/orientation, patient to nurse ratio, and first year challenges. As new grads what are your most interested in hearing about - what would your questions to me be? I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.
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  3. by   nadia562002
    How long is orientation?
    Can you complete orientation is more or less time dependent on how well you are doing?
    Is continuuing education available? Is there a good library to research stuff?
    DO you have any pearls of wisdom to pass to a new grad?
  4. by   missionnurse
    What about addressing ADN vs. BSN. Many people who just finished an ADN program are wondering whether to go for their BSN or not, and whether or not their new work place will support that with schedules and reimbursement.