Any new nurses feel like.....

  1. They are still being treated like a student, or even an Aide? I know at times I do. Even when I am given my own assignments I am just TOLD that I am going to transport someone else's patient, or that I can go grab those vitals or do this or that. I am not as angry after, and I really love all the nurses on my unit but I get really upset sometimes when this happens.
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    When I was in school I worked on a Med/surg floor as an NA and when some of the new grads changed positions from NA to GN this same type of thing occured. The best thing to do is speak up for yourself and the sooner the better. If you are doing a favor and it is because it is an emergency, I understand, but if you are being used and still have to do all your work too, just politely say NO! its not easy, but it is necessary! Good luck!
    My preceptor calls me her student.

  4. by   LuvbabiesRN
    I just took my first job on a floor that i have worked on for the past year as an LNA and i am afraid that this will happen. I was also wondering if u guys that now work as RN's on floors that u worked on as aids ever felt any role confusion - I mean i am going to be delegated stuff to people twice my age that one month ago i was working with side by side ? It just seems like is is going to be weird. I hope that the situation improves for you all- i think sometimes it is hard to speak up to becuase u dont want people to think that you feel better than them and also sometimes i think it is hard to remember that i am not still a SN instead of an RN.
  5. by   PremmieRN
    This is one reason I chose not to stay where I have worked for the past 5 1/2 yrs as a CNA. I KNOW the other Cna's would not respect me as a RN and not sure how the role transition would affect some of the nurses. I am going to miss them but I want to spread my wings.
  6. by   vaughanmk
    I don't feel that way at all where I'm at. I moved to a new city where there isn't a BSN program within 150 miles. I've only been on the floor for 2 weeks of orientation but I am being treated as an orientee with experience. The only thing that I feel is different is that all the nurses grab me for procedures. That way I can get more experience and also get checked off for my comptencies.

    If you are not being treated for what you are, a Nurse, then speak up for yourself. Talk to those who are asking you to do these things or not respecting your education. If that doesn't work talk to your unit manager or DON. They are there to help you. If they aren't then maybe you're in the wrong facility.