900# not working?????

  1. Took my boards on Wednesday. Results were supposed to be on the 900 # after noon today. I was freaking out all weekend and all morning long and guess what.......? they can't find my authorization number! I about S@#$! I ended up calling the tech support number to see if something was down, they hadn't heard anything. After I verified my number with her she said that I would probably have to wait for my results in the mail. Ummmm, excuse me, I can't handle that!!! She said that since all this was electronically it should have posted at noon. So needless to say I called the State Board of Nursing to see what was up. They had no idea but they did ask my name and what school I went to. After I told them they were like "oh I have your results right here..." "but I can't tell them to you over the phone"

    Has anyone else (or know someone else) who has had problems with this. I'm a nervous reck!

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  3. by   GPatty
    OMG! How awful! I am so sorry for you. Just try to hang in there and be positive. Be positive you passed!
  4. by   meownsmile
    OMG,,,, Dont say that,, im supposed to be able to call teusday after noon. I hope, i hope, i hope they have it working when i call.
    Can imagine your nerves are wrecked. Mine will be too if i cant get even "unofficial" results.
  5. by   meownsmile
    Thank god my results were posted on the 900 number, but 2 of my friends who took the test the same day as i did are running into the same problem with the 900 number as lovewell did. I dont know if they have a dislexic entry clerk, or they are just backlogged but i know they are going nuts.

    Lovewell did you ever get your results? On the 900 number or did you have to wait for your paperwork from the state? Please let us know so i can let my friends know what to expect.
  6. by   lovewell
    Sorry I haven't responded lately, we've been without Internet for a few days (we've been moving). I actually called the next day and my results were there and I passed! One of my friends took her boards in Colorado and the same thing happened to her only she hasn't gotten her results yet (she took them last Monday). I don't think I had ever been that stressed in my life.
  7. by   Mkue
    congradulations !!! lovewell, so glad you passed !! best wishes

  8. by   meownsmile
    Congrats,, gald you got your results.
    My friends finally got theirs but it was the next saturday before they were on,, so they waited over a week to have theirs posted to the 900 number. AFter I dont know how many calls. One girl went back to the test center and was given a number to call to get a credit on the wasted calls. May be an option for those who have called numerous times and they werent there.