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  1. I am going to apply for a LVN job soon. I am a new grad. I am trying to prepare myself using books as much as possible but realize you cannot really totally prepare yourself. So my question is all those labs values, skills and procedures, and the whole shabazz are somewhat in my brain but how about if I cannot remember it while on the job. It is a whole lot of information. How about if I left something out while doing a procedure or just forgot a lab value, will I be able to ask coworkers a lot? I really do not want to make a mistake. Anyone have experiences and advice to share? Will the policy tell you a lot like lab values and and the way the facility does it's procedures?
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  3. by   tiffersmtw
    New grad LVN here also working for a month in LTC. Working on the floor is A LOT different from school clinical. I feel like what I've learned in school has been put to the side. My main focus is passing meds on time and resident fall risk. I'm really slow at passing meds and learning residents routine is the key. My first day on the floor by myself, I had a fall incident and I was still passing meds when the next shift came in. I felt miserable. At my facility when new labs comes in, we would report anything that is abnormal within a day or if its significantly remarkable, report right away to the doctor. When reporting labs, you gotta know your residents information and have everything ready before you talk to the doctor. Labs report already have listed as high or low range so even if you forget labs value it doesn't really matter. If you have any questions for procedure always ask other nurses, they're willing to help. Even a simple TB test, I asked one of the nurse to come watch me when I was doing it for the first time.

    What we've learned in school compare to working on the floor by ourself is like night and day. School focus on the human body. At work you deal with all kinds of issues like family members, interruption during med pass, change of condition, New orders, Admission/Discharge and the list goes on. With a 30 to 1 nurse ratio, its crazy! To be honest, I rather be back in school. Working in LTC made me more motivated to go back to school to be an RN. Either school or clinic setting.